You may have noticed the YouTube Shorts on your phone. Maybe not. They are around 30 seconds or less. They started appearing in September 2020. They are limited to 60 seconds in length and many of them are shorter. Of course, when you see them on your phone they are related to your interests since Big Brother is always watching us.

The ones YouTube shows me are related to physics, astronomy and other sciences as well as comedy, military (usually aircraft) and of course politics and philosophy. Here is just a small sample:

I found this interesting to share with my 10 year old grandson.

F-16 Takeoff



Truth Bombs

Philosophy: Two things can be true at the same time

This is a truth bomb mixed with two things that can be true at the same time. Alex Jones is a nut job but even a nut job can tell you the truth.

Why pronoun police are delusional

James Web Telescope

Of course, things would not be complete without some things from Donald Trump

…and of course Joe Biden

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