Over the years there are many things I wish Trump did not say. There are many other things he could have said differently. I’m not sure if he is simply that unfiltered or if he does things on purpose to drive the media and others crazy. The saying “all publicity is good publicity” means that it’s better to have attention focused on a name than to be unnoticed. It’s usually said in response to someone getting media attention they don’t want.

Recently Trump outlined the death and destruction looters bring to our cities and what is happening to law enforcement.  So, the latest complaint is that Trump said “If you rob a store you can fully expect to be shot as you are leaving that store.” during a speech. Of course, the crowd loudly applauded.

Any reasonable person knows this isn’t going to happen. It is not the way we deal with looters unless they are brandishing weapons and threatening the lives of others. However, it is interesting as a point of discussion.

Firstly, the resounding applause suggests that a significant number of respectable Americans desire to witness looters being stopped at all costs. It is clear that a considerable portion of the population has become fatigued with the Democratic Party’s position on maintaining law and order. This sentiment arises from several factors, one of which is the Democrats’ emphasis on social justice at the expense of upholding lawful conduct within society.

Next, my thoughts turn to an email I received from Robert, an E-2 who claims to have served for two years, as stated in his form submission. He expresses his belief that President Trump’s remarks about shooting looters resemble something one would hear from a person in a seedy bar. I must admit, it does have a certain humorous aspect to it. However, what Robert fails to grasp is that a significant portion of the American population desires an end to this chaos. If it means resorting to force and a few individuals getting injured, then so be it. Of course, it is highly unlikely that such extreme measures will ever be taken, but I understand the underlying sentiment.

I am curious about Robert’s perspective on the unfortunate incident involving the murder of Ashley Babbit. It is disconcerting to note that Lt. Michael Byrd faced no legal consequences or reprimand for this tragic event. In fact, he was even promoted to the rank of Captain. It raises concerns about the potential for impunity in certain circumstances.

Although I would prefer if Trump expressed his thoughts in a more refined manner, the essence of my argument remains: Democrats are responsible for the current predicament. In simpler terms, they have fostered an atmosphere that has led countless upstanding Americans to align with Trump’s sentiments.

If you read this Robert feel free to reply.

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