I know there is a lot of controversy about the number of illegal immigrants that entered the US during the past 3 years of the Biden administration. Therefore, I will use the government’s statistics from the US Customs & Border Protection website. 8,913,064 (almost 9 million) “border encounters” and rising according to the Government Customs & Border Patrol website. See here and then scroll down. 5.9 million were single adults.

Add to that a guesstimate of 1.7 million gotaways meaning they were caught on some type of surveillance but never caught or processed. That number is from October last year! The number deported was only 142,580 according to the liberal WAPO. I could not find these stats on CBP’s website

The incompetence and indifference displayed by those in power is nothing short of disgraceful. Swing state voters will determine if we get back a President who prioritizes the interests and well-being of Americans over the ruffled feathers of Democrats. Instead, we’re left seething with frustration while they pontificate about compassion and understanding towards illegal immigrants, conveniently ignoring the devastating effects on American citizens. It’s high time for action, not empty promises or convenient narratives that sidestep the real issue at hand: illegal immigration is destroying our communities.

It is important to emphasize that our concern for the well-being of people worldwide remains unwavering. However, it is imperative to recognize the significance of prioritizing the welfare of our own community in order to uphold the core principles of sound moral teaching. In every aspect of life, there exists a natural order that necessitates attending to our immediate surroundings before extending our care to others.

While it is undeniably crucial for Christians to love their neighbors as themselves, we must first ensure that our own family’s needs are met, as neglecting them would compromise our ability to extend genuine compassion to others. It is worth noting that this principle was established at a time when the comprehensive welfare systems we have today were nonexistent. Consequently, advocating for both open borders and a welfare system that allows our own people to suffer is simply not a viable approach.

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