The Democrats are more concerned about the 2020 Presidential election and are ignoring the important issues facing the American people. The majority of Congress appears to be focused on this pending impeachment sham. These partisans are using Hollywood style/ coordinated liberal media techniques to deliver a one-sided argument. Why is the Burisma/ Hunter connection completely ignored?

I would think the impeachment probe would include and question why then-Vice President Bidens son (Hunter), received a $50,000 a month high official job with a post former Soviet executive connected company called Burisma. Is this not compromising the United States’ 2016 President’s Executive Branch?  Where is the integrity, Honor, and fairness in that?

Yet Adam Schiff’s precedence appears to be, to only call opinionated, Trump-Hating policy, bureaucracy swamp members. My opinion is that the real collusion is the Democrats/leftist media who are trying to hide the Obama /Bidens Russian connection.

In conclusion, one must remember that the Obama administration provided the legitimate Ukrainian government only humanitarian aid-and some intelligence information. Trump administration gave them what they wanted ammunition, weapons, missiles and training. All this is being used to fight off the Russian insurgents in Eastern Ukraine. What policy helped the Russians more?

LTC Michael “Goose” Bogmenko RET. USAR. P.S. Ukrainian American Citizen

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