Author: Kristie Tertel 01 February 2021


Prima facie, In my capacity as a private, law-abiding American citizen, this is written to advocate for Conservative, highly-decorated United States Veterans – Antonio La Motta and Joshua Macias. This will clearly show intentional misrepresentations of facts distributed by the news media and the Liberal Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, to allege a very violent narrative of what should be a mistake in a gun laws understandings. Both Veterans have no prior record of committing violence or harm. The DA’s office dishonestly uses conspiracy stickers and satire cartoons protected by our First Amendment rights protected by the United States Constitution.
• Corrupt Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner: Long Track-Record of Unethical and Unconstitutional Practice of Law and Mis- delegation of Duties and Powers of Elected Government Official
The DA’s office has demonized two patriots without any evidence of causing harm because of their political views. DA Krasner whose campaign in 2018 was funded by George Soros has shown more favor of other criminals, so-called “peaceful” protesters such as Antifa and BLM, over these two Veterans. Below are just a few of many examples of the two activist groups causing harm and committing violence:

57 officers injured in Philly, 212 ‘protesters’ arrested after Antifa/BLM riots

“He (DA Krasner) was in the vanguard of ultra-liberal candidates for county prosecutor who ran for office in big cities on promises to end cash bail and target police misconduct for prosecution while looking for a wider array of excuses to NOT prosecute actual criminals committing crimes in those cities”:

• DA’s Office and Media: Collaborating Fraud, Misfeasance, Malfeasance and Co-Conspirators of Defamation vs. Co-Defendants
False and exaggerated information spread out to the media that it was the both Veterans’ intention to “attack the convention center”, another was to “deliver fake ballots” using conspiracy stickers, photos of them holding weapons and satire cartoons to substantiate and advance false allegations. There were no evidence found of an attack or violence as already admitted by ADA Andrew Wellbrock on January 14, 2021. The allegations about delivering fake ballots was proven to be false news, corrected by CNN (link below see paragraph 6):

• No Proof of ‘Violent Intent’; Lack of Evidence
The DA office’s allegations that it was both Veteran’s intent was to commit violence and the that the intent of both of these Veterans was “a mass shooting narrowly averted” is an out-right hyperbole intended to manipulate the audience, incarcerate both Veterans without evidence of committing a violent act, before because they have opposing views politically. The FBI’s investigation also resulted in NO evidence whatsoever of any violence committed. Both men were released by the FBI after both men cooperated and completed extensive interviews. However, the FBI’s investigation was not good enough for the DA’s office so they “continued the investigation” and aimed for “no bail” for both veterans which was denied but still reduced to the excessive $750K.
Both men, headed to Philadelphia to be on standby to assist in overseeing the integrity of the election or if needed or if evidence is present, as whistle blowers after receiving a tip of a truck full of ballots heading from New York to Pennsylvania and tips of election law changes made by those without statutory authority in the state of Pennsylvania:
The entire conversation between Antonio and Josh Macias was heard when he was invited to go to Pennsylvania to assist. Others spoke to him on the way there. There were NO ill or violent intent.

• Defamation and Gross Mischaracterization in and by the Media
Antonio, served honorably in the Army with many letters from his superiors about his dedication to his country, the Army and his unit. He is a family man who worked as a security and investigation personnel. He provides home repairs, handyman services, assist with gardening for his 83 year old mother to give her a more independent life and not institutionalized in a home. Simple services such as unclogging a drain, lifting a water bottle or hanging up holiday decorations are things he delights in doing for her. Antonio made sure he visited her before he left that day to head to Pennsylvania. She in fact reminded him of the organized (BLM and Antifa) arsonists, rioters and looters, committing violence all across America for several months and years prior. She feared for her son’s life. He told her not to be worried, he just wanted to help and they received a tip of a truck of fake ballots heading from New York. He stated “…it could be a valid government truck, we don’t know for sure and hopefully we will find out.”
Antonio was released on a $75K bond, an excessive bail for a gun law misunderstanding and no evidence of committing violence or harm. Shortly after his release on bond, in mid December his mother has been unable to walk without a walker due to a sprained ankle from a fall and a nerve pain on her lower back and leg. There is a shortage of nurses due to COVID so, Antonio lovingly stays with her at night.
Folks interviewed by the local media, including his neighbors have stated that Antonio is a “good guy” and not a threat. On an article updated by CNN on Saturday, November 7th, 2020, CNN “corrected their initial report”. CNN their news article below quoted that Antonio’s current employer, an investigation and security company, CEO Allen Hollimon stated when interviewed that Antonio is “…is a good guy”. “He’s a very devoted guy. I’ve never had an issue with him” “He is not a threat”:

Antonio, a Sensei has no prior records of harming anyone or committing violence. He has mentored children and adults using his artistic gift to illustrate the detail of all forms of martial arts to his students:

Just a few examples of Antonio’s thoughtful, exceptional work showing in detail his appreciation for life:

Below are excerpts from letters signed by the authors whose identities are redacted, reserved for court and government officials. Antonio, having a Spanish/Filipino descent, according to court documents from the DA’s office and the media alleged as being a racist (a common label for all conservatives) and anti-semitic to further demonize the Veteran.
However, in a document written by an Army Officer, in celebration of the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Antonio’s Commanding officer showed his appreciation for Antonio in “using his own time in creating a product “marveled by all that looked on”. He also added; “A special ‘thanks’ for the many ‘extras’ you provided this unit by way of your talent and ability”.

In addition, a friend of over 20 years, a Russian Jew recently stated in writing:
“I have known Antonio, for over twenty years. When we first met, we had a business relationship which later grew into a friendship because of a mutual respect and interest in art. Antonio is always eager to help his fellow man.
Antonio a is a Pacific Islander, from the island of the Philippines and I am a Russian Jew. So, we share a common appreciation and love for America its diversity and its citizens as immigrants. I know that Antonio served in the Army and highly respects the opportunities and freedom this country gives to people from all walks of life and nationality. His love for people and appreciation for nature shows in his art. I have only known Antonio to be a kind and caring individual. Antonio fought for this country and as a patriot appreciate what Americans are given; the freedom to express our views, opinions with our First Amendment in the constitution. Antonio is a loving and nurturing family man who has a beautiful wife, step-son and biological children that are in their late teens now. He treats his stepson like his own son. Antonio is a very skilled musician, a talented guitarist that he can just listen to a song and able to play the chords. If there is a guitar around, Antonio will just pick it up, tune it and start playing for everyone. The children share his love for the arts and have talents in many genre including music and martial arts. Antonio shares many of his art work to charity, family and friends. Just the few examples of his work can be found in this link: http://lamottaart-oil.blogspot.com/2008/10/butterfly-wing.html Antonio have always treated me and my family with love and respect. Antonio also mentored my own son in martial arts for several years. As a Russian Jews, I can say with great confidence that Antonio is not anti-semitic or a white supremist. He is an immigrant himself who values this country’s constitution. I have never known Antoni to commit violence, felt any prejudice towards my family, myself or any other race when around Antonio. Although he is very skilled in martial arts, I have never known him to cause harm to anyone. Quite the opposite, he shares his love for others by sharing and teaching his many talents, how to protect themselves and is always willing lend a helping hand. I do not believe Antonio to be a threat to anyone and I truly believe that this situation was just his misunderstanding of the gun laws in Philadelphia.”

“I have known Tony (Antonio) LaMotta for over 19 years… As long as I have known Tony, he has always had a calm and collected demeanor. I have never heard him raise his voice, angry or disrespectful in any way shape or form to anyone.
Tony has been a good husband and loving father of three children. When he met my sister, she was a single mother of a young boy and Tony has always treated his stepson as one of his own. Tony has many talents to which he has used to help the community. His extreme artistic ability has helped raise money for cancer by auctioning art or his drawings. He has designed t-shirts to help raise money for our local fire department. He took time out of his busy schedule to build a handicap ramp for a personal elderly friend of mine who is a veteran and is quadriplegic from health issues. When I met Tony he was teaching jujutsu at the YMCA to young kids and for those who could not afford to pay he taught for free. Tony is also extremely patriotic and being a veteran himself, he finds any opportunity to help those veterans who cannot help themselves. He never meets a stranger, he never passes judgement on people he does not know. He always looks for the good in others and his faith never faulters. Tony has very strong beliefs and a love for his country. If I had to describe Tony’s character it would be placid and honorable.”

“I am writing to you as someone who has known Tony (Antonio) Lamotta personally for over 19 years…. I not only admire Tony for the love and caring for his wife, children, mother and siblings but also for the love his has for community and country.
Tony is one of the most talented individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has a love for art of all kinds building, drawing, painting, music and martial arts, excels in many of them in my opinion, although he would be the first to say otherwise. He has always used his talents to help others. From day one I have personally witnessed Tony’s compassion for so many people and causes that he holds close to his heart. He has donated some of his art pieces to be auctioned for fundraising efforts for cancer research, designing t-shirts for local law/fire department fundraisers and used his building talents to help veterans. Being a veteran himself he always tries to help fellow veterans that could not help themselves. Tony is by all accounts a very loving man. I have never known him to ever utter an unkind word to anyone or about anyone, not once in 19 years have I seen him angered to the point of raising his voice. He has a strong faith in God and love for his country and the freedom it provides. He served this country with honor, has always believed in our Constitution and the rights it protects. He believes in kindness and respect, in giving to those less fortunate and being thankful for his blessings. He loves with his whole heart. This is a man who would play his guitar to soothe his crying babies, and again when they were older while making up silly lyrics to make his children as well as many nieces and nephews laugh in delight. A man that loved learning martial arts so much that he opened a business to teach children the art he mastered, all in hopes that it would help someone else find peace and love from it, so much
so that he even taught children from less fortunate families at no cost. Tony has never let something knock him down without being humbled in defeat and learning from it. I watched this man lose his business that he loved when the economy was at one of its worst and instead of giving up and walking away from those children he instead found a way to keep teaching them and showing them how much each and every one of them mattered. He decided to build a dojo on his and my sister’s property, all while continuing to work his construction business during the day to provide for his own family and within a few months he welcomed those children to his home and continued teaching for many more years.
I could go on and on with examples of Tony’s character but my hope is that with the stories I have shared that you can see he is not a man of malice and would never go anywhere with anyone to cause any harm. I know with everything in me that when asked to help provide security and safety in your city that he went for that reason only. Tony respects the law and I honestly feel that his only mistake was not researching the laws in your state before going to help.”

“…after learning about the depiction of Antonio LaMotta in the press recently, I became compelled to offer clarity…” “Antonio is a gentle giant, an extremely skilled martial arts expert complemented by advanced training in traditional martial arts weaponry. Antonio is a gifted artist, having deployed his prowess serving in the United Sates Army in the capacity of a cartographer, drawing detailed maps to complement the efforts of his brothers and sisters protection and defending our nation. As a highly skilled artist, Antonio could sketch an image of whoever is reading this document, portraying a near facsimile to the features portraying his subjects. He draws castles with precision, creates caricatures, paints, sews, constructs, repairs, design silk screen art and logos for law enforcement, etc. Antonio’s artistic prowess is clearly a gift from God.
With that said, I am appalled, yet not surprised, at the egregious and scandalous extrapolations designed to impeach Antonio by the press and his accusers. Antonio’s edgy political art in my opinion, is a form of surrealistic satire highlighting his comprehension of good versus evil influenced by his fascination for martial arts and the bushido code… (the “way” formalized earlier samurai moral values and ethical code, most commonly stressing a combination of sincerity, frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery, and honor until death.) When exploring conversations about Antonio’s security details, I recall Antonio emphasizing his default response to aggressive posturing and behaviors is to avoid conflict, cordially communicate respect and concern towards the aggressor to facilitate de-escalation before he is forced to elicit the support of law enforcement Any inferences that Antonio would exact harm against innocent lives is abjectly self-serving. Antonio’s love, devotion, patience and loyalty towards his octogenarian mother… is exemplary. She can be extremely demanding of his time; Antonio is consistently responsive prioritizing her· needs because of COVID-19 arid geographical challenges separating all of us. In closing, Antonio is a loving husband and father. Antonio’s son’s and daughter’s intelligence, respect towards adults and love for their family is a reflection of both Antonio and his bride’s efforts to raise children during a time we witness too many children making addictive poor choices because of broken homes and abuse.”


“During the 2016 Presidential Race, Joshua ‘Josh’ Macias set aside most of his other professional endeavors and hit the road to co-found and Chair Vets for Trump campaign movement organization. Working on the front lines at rallies and behind the scenes in organizing and creating activism, Josh did absolutely everything in his power to help Donald Trump get elected in 2016 and now re-elected in 2020. Macias is a true leader that is genuinely respected by his peers and has a great reputation throughout his years of volunteer work and philanthropy. When it became clear on election night that the Democrats were trying to steal the election, Vets for Trump activated our nationwide grassroots network of volunteers. We deployed volunteers into all toss-up states who could provide extra bodies to local and State GOP recount efforts as needed. Two of our volunteers in Pennsylvania, who have active, out of state, conceal carry licenses, were targeted by activists and are being prosecuted by an activist Pro-Biden District Attorney Larry Krasner. The activist DA is wanting to charge them with a felony for conceal carrying a weapon and is requesting the bond be set at $1 Million each. They have been there now for almost 24 hours and have yet to see a magistrate. This is a clear partisan effort by the same District Attorney who refused to prosecute looters and rioters. Please donate now to secure the release of these Patriots! We need 10% for each individuals bond plus the legal retainer, totaling $205,000.” “–Jointly-Signed, by: Vlad lemets (End27, Vets for Trump) and Chairman Thomas Speciale, Veterans for Trump”

“As Joshua’s wife, I never thought I would be in a position of Money vs. Freedom. The day Joshua left for Philadelphia, we prayed for his protection in the city. If you have met my husband, you know how much he loves America and supporting the veterans in this country. His only intention going up to Philly was to oversee the ballot-counting during the election. He went to practice his First Amendment [rights] by gathering peacefully outside the Convention Center. He also went practicing his Second Amendment [rights] carrying his firearm. My husband’s only interest was to protect himself and other American men and women from hate groups that may have put other lives at-risk. My husband served in the Navy- willing to die for the freedom of others- and now, he’s being kept in a cell without seeing his attorney for the past two weeks. We are scared, as a family, and need all [of] your love, support and, most importantly, all [of] your prayers. Me, Joshua and my three boys are eternally grateful for anything that you can donate to help bail him out of jail. Please help our family! His future depends on it!”
–“Forever Grateful, Renae Macias”

Co-founder and Chairman of Veterans for Trump, Hon. Mr. Joshua Macias is a decorated retired Navy veteran who found his true calling in life by honoring God’s word through daily philanthapy, volunteerism and service to his veteran cummity- multi-tasking anergetically campaigning nationwidge boots on the ground, to re-elect President Donald J. Trump President Trump Promises Kept in Virginia! Thank You! #End27 , Co-Founder: Every day, Americans of all backgrounds and persuasions enjoy their lives under the protection of American servicemen and servicewomen. At a growing rate, we are failing at least 27 every day who have provided our shield and will lose their own life, at their hand, due to the sense of hopeless and despair associated with PTS. The disproportionate and unacceptable rate of suicide among veterans is only one of the health-related challenges they face. obstacles within the VA system associated with prescription drugs are vast and pervasive. There is a problem of suicide and PTSD that brings us together this month and today, and with your help, we plan on doing something about it. At END27, we have research and clinical evidence that supports the effectiveness of a holistic approach to PTSD treatment and alleviation. There are numerous special programs / modalities / services that we as a community have founds beneficial and healing. Medical practitioners, specialists, care providers, doctors of every area advising or directing our initiatives. A social safety net comprised of caring and informed family, friends, churches, Veteran Non-Profits and other groups also plays a critical role as part of that holistic solution. We know that a comprehensive, systematic, science & support-based approach to treating PTS will significantly reduce the rate of Veteran suicide within the group of people who risk their lives to save our lives. A Veteran Initiative from Awareness to Action: We need to ask every American to enlist in a civilian army formed to fight for the health ofevery American man and woman who has served this nation in uniform. We will keep you apprised as to our efforts, and sometime within the next 60 days we are going to call you to active service. We will ask you to contact representatives, senators, journalists, neighbors, and rally them to our program. We will ask you to contact our President and ask him to support our program. We will ask you to let your elected leaders know that they need to open their doors to us in Washington and not just listen to us, not just take us into consideration, but to work with us to implement real change in how we treat our returning service people in
every aspect of their healthcare. We want Rush Limbaugh to work with Rachel Maddow. We want Kanye to work with Jay-Z. We want Rand Paul to work with Dick Durbin. We want Trump supporters to work with Clinton supporters. No matter what our differences are, we would not be able to express them without the protection of the American soldier. They volunteer to risk their lives on the battlefield to protect the lives of every American. They did not volunteer to lose their life at the hands of a medical system that seemingly can’t protect them. Everybody enjoys the freedoms thanks to their sacrifices. Everybody says they love our troops. Everybody acknowledges the current system of health care isn’t working for them. Everybody knows that the private healthcare system performs better. It is time for everybody to do something about it. We ask that today fill out the form below and follow us on social media at twitter @End27Now and www.facebook.com/END27VetSuicides In 2015 the first team of Veterans to come to service for our President started in two places at the same time, in Virginia with Joshua Macias and in Florida with Vlad Lemets. While Joshua was our Presence on the ground, organizing Veteran Community, Vlad took care of the digital aspect of things. We arrived eager to support our candidate and quickly found comradery in our joined military service. As all #Veterans know once a #Vet always a #Vet and the issues of #VAReform and #END22 were deep on our hearts. For far too long the political class has promised support to our community without any action. We saw a difference which has paid YUGE dividends in our currently seated president POTUS45 Donald J. Trump. His actions as a civilian contractor supported military and Veteran initiatives long before running for office showcasing his true compassionate desire to help our community. Speaking with his top aid it was made clear that taking care of the Veterans was top on his agenda. We sought out to ensure that the Veteran Plight was on the top of the list of every presidential debate. We can not afford to continue to lose the best and brightest among us to self-inflicted wounds caused by WAR trauma, lack of earned benefits, resources or improper treatment. The need to create Vets For Trump movement was evident. It was clear that the Veteran support was key to the victory of the Trump MAGA Movement. President Trump Formally announced running in June 2015 and Veterans for Donald Trump page launched online in July 2015. @veteransfordonaldtrump. To this day it is the Largest Vets for Trump resource online with over 210K Followers. Later on we acquired from a fellow Veteran and Patriot a second Largest Online Vets for Trump Page which now has over 130K Followers @trumpvet. #VetsForTrump formed alongside the grassroots MAGA movement across the country as the backbone and augmented security for our Meetups. Veteran Courage, Strength and commitment quickly fueled the fire of passion within the MAGA movement and hundreds of thousands of Veterans joined the cause to stand up and ensure a future for our community encompassing every race creed or age. Vets are the most diverse community there is in the Nation. We do not see color, race or religion as defining factors – only the branch of service you call home. As our Veterans showed to support our President elect we were reminded of the bonds that tie us together with the First Responder Community. Many of our Police, Fire and Safety personnel are Veterans whom we serve with and their fight for support is our fight – for we never leave a man behind. We have made friends and allies with many influencers and organizations such as Patriot Guard, Diamond and Silk, Deplorable Choir, Cowboys for Trump, Bikers for Trump, Black Voices for Trump, Latinos For Trump, Diversity Coalition, Citizens for Trump and Turning Point USA to name the few. The need for Veterans to step into the Leadership Roles in our Country can not be more clear. We are the Team that is doing it. (By: Anonympus; Identity redacted from public court document inspect for personal safety)
OP-ED: Why is no one talking about preventing suicide? In light of two suicides making recent headlines, specifically of US Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood, 51; and, renowned investment banker Christopher Stanton, 53, a Georgia man smeared in the media after being charged with ‘attempting to enter.. the United States Capitol Grounds, against the will of the United States Capitol Police’- my question is simple: why is no one talking about this? Personally, I am immensely saddened and appalled by the unnecessary violence and destruction that took place on January 6, 2021 at the United States Capitol. I pray that law enforcement prosecutes every single one of the criminals that trespassed on and destroyed federal property. However, that being said, the public outrage created and even worse, reinforced, by the media makes them complicit. But for the media’s gross wanton negligence in smearing the names and spreading the images of Officer Liebengood and Stanton on a mass, global scale, I am of the view that both men would still be alive today. Moreover, instead of politically crucifying members of the Capitol Police and those charged with crimes and letting the justice system do its job, national networks, instead, use their power guised under alleged First Amendment protections, to justify smearing the reputation of two people who saw no out- suicide was there only option. Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’? Within MINUTES of the US Capitol incident on January 6, 2021, censorship began on all social media and major news networks. The hallmark of the free speech doctrine allows for expression, even if objectionable, calls for more free expression arguing the other, dissenting side of the debate, rather than censorship. But, in Brandenburg v Ohio, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision highlighting that incitement to imminent lawlessnesss or violence (i.e. suicide, here) is not protected by the First Amendment. This is especially applicable in my argument of complicity by the media’s mass false propaganda ‘spins’ coupled with widespread censorship by liberal news and social media platforms worldwide. Point blank, stop pointing fingers. Both the media and censorship are complicit in these two untimely deaths. Prima facie, this is, in part, because in Brandenburg, the Supreme Court held, as was the case in both victims of the media, Officer Liebengood and Stanton, because there is no opportunity to counter the violent message (i.e. media’s false headlines and smear campaigns on the front page of every newspaper, globally) with a contrary idea (due to censorship)- precisely because of the immediacy of what the speech urges. However, now that I have expressed my personal concerns about what went wrong and the medias immediate role in causing two suicides- I propose a solution. First and foremost, I urge the media to stop crucifying alleged ‘bad actors’ and smearing their names without remorse- without censoring themselves. Censorship has disallowed anyone to defend themselves against even the most outright absurd and inaccurate ‘false accusations’ that dissents or objects, albeit respectfully, on social media and all major news outlets. I remember a time where The National Inquirer was the only (albeit, known) ‘Fake News’ national ‘news’ outlet. It is nearly impossible to get a conservative viewpoint published at this day in age- dissent should be encouraged. It would actually sell more papers, too. HONORING NAVY VETERAN, JOSHUA MACIAS: More recently, on November 6, 2020, Navy Veteran Joshua Macias, co-founder of Veterans for Trump, and Army Veteran Antonio LaMatta fell victim to the media’s false prophecy by use of political propaganda. The full story can be found at www.freemacias.com. Both were political prisoners of liberal activist Philadelphia District Attorney Kraner. All charges were and still are (the gun charges were most recently dropped due to lack of evidence; please note, the case is ongoing) 100% politically motivated and bail was excessively set at $750,000 for their outward support of President Trump. Disgusting, one-sided headlines have been all the rage to smear these two decorated, honorable veterans. The Philadelphia Inquirer published a hit piece on November 16, 2020 entitled ‘No bail relief for Virginia QAnon follower who came to Philly to ‘straighten out the vote’, on January 14, 2021, 6ABC Philadelphia on November 16, 2020 spewed ‘Armed man arrested near Philadelphia Convention Venter Denied Bail’, CBS Local (Philadelphia) published ‘Men Who Came Armed To Philadelphia Vote Count Remain Free on Bail’- all without publishing updates nor editing facts for accuracy ex post facto. If it weren’t for their faith and humble conservative values, prima facie, one would suspect that these two would be the next victims of suicide by media. But the thing is- they’re not. Joshua Macias is no victim. During the 2016 Presidential race, Mr. Macias valiantly set aside his professional endeavors and hit the road to lead the Vets for Trump campaign movement, by working on the front lines at rallies and behind the scenes in organizing and creating activism. On March 5, 2019, Macias’s hard work and dedication was celebrated when President Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order called the “National Initiative to Empower Veterans and End Veterans Suicide.” On www.joshuamacias.com, decorated Navy Veteran Joshua Macias highlights the pivotal role he played in making their Executive Order to prevent suicide come to fruition, citing- “This is addressing the single most devastating issue in America today; the abandonment of those who have served in our armed forces and allowing them to slip into such an abyss of loneliness that they feel the only rational choice is to take their own life.” Similar to Macias, President Trump is the very first sitting President to take on the difficult task of preventing suicide by evoking real change- systematically. VETERAN SUICIDE PREVENTION OFFICIAL TASK FORCE: PRESIDENT TRUMP On March 5, 2019, President Trump emphasized, in signing the order, “To every veteran, I want you to know that you have an entire nation of more than 300 million people behind you. You will never be forgotten. We are with you all the way.” Moreover, Joshua Macias is a celebrated co-founder of #End27- a non-profit who’s namesake highlights that ‘27’ is the minimum real number of suicides our research indicates happen every day among those who serve, or have served, in our armed forces. These are people who risked their lives deliberately in order to help protect the life of every American, regardless of their race, religion, economic status, political beliefs, or anything else of which you can imagine. Then they end up losing their own life at their own hand. SUICIDE PREVENTION: Continuing his lifetime goal of philanthropy and preventing veteran suicide, Macias continues on www.joshuwamacias.com that, “As a Service Connected Disabled Veteran, I have been inside the system myself and I have been inside it with my brothers and sisters who have served. I have watched the bureaucracy operate within a culture of inefficiency. Previous administrations have paid lip service to reforming this culture but when the time comes for real action and reform, the status quo has “trumped” the willingness to change. Now, hopefully, there is a new “Trump card.” This action by President Trump needs to be a call to every member of the military, past and present, to get engaged and show support for him in the next election. He is the only President to this point to take a stand to help us. There is absolutely no reason, none, to assume that anyone who might replace him would continue with his efforts.” Attention being paid to Veteran issues rarely survives the next news cycle. In closing, I offer one suggestion- To the media: Villainizing patriots in the media and disallowing dissent or even the opportunity for rebuttal is in direct violation of the First Amendment. No wonder so many are committing suicides after being falsely labeled as the ‘bad guy’ and creating false ‘facts’ to prolongate their false narrative. The suicides and attempts are only going to increase the longer this continues. Stop. Let conservatives have a voice. ******(Original Published as OP-Ed on 01 February 2021 by Anonymous Author [public identity redacted from public record to protect the autho’s identity and personal safety] in both print and online at Vets for Trump official website on 19 January 2021)* *****


“When it became clear that several States were too close to call on election night, Vets for Trump initiated a plan of action to recruit and deploy volunteers who could assist local and State Republicans with recount efforts. Two of these volunteers include one of our co-founders, 6-year Navy Veteran former Petty Officer Joshua Macias, and one of our organization’s Ambassador’s, Army Veteran Antonio LaMotta. Both individuals are licensed to conceal carry in the Commonwealth of Virginia and were unaware that reciprocity between the two States had ended recently. Within 30 minutes of their arrival in Philadelphia, they were surrounded by several police officers, interrogated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and held without charges for more than 18 hours. At the time they were detained, Macias was utilizing Facebook Live on his public profile. Facebook immediately suspended his account; therefore, preventing our ability to provide video evidence of him being cooperative with law enforcement. After the FBI determined that Macias and LaMotta were not a threat. Philadelphia county district attorney, Larry Krasner, charged both men with violation of Uniform Firearms Act and conspiracy for carrying a concealed weapon. Both bonds were set at an egregious $750,000. This is the same district attorney who refused to charge rioters and looters who recently destroyed countless businesses. To discredit these veterans, CNN published- without evidence- an article alleging Macias and LaMotta were involved in delivering fake ballots, even admitting they had no evidence in their own article. They later retracted the false title and replaced it. The entire Vets for Trump organization and our members are calling for the immediate release of Macias and LaMotta and the resignation of Larry Krasner. We have actively started fundraising for these individuals legal defense fund and ask the public for help in doing so at veteransfordonaldtrump.com”
Text messages obtained provided no evidence of a planned attack at the Philadelphia Convention Center and the reason that the FBI released them to the Philadelphia police.
“Within approximately 30 minutes of their arrival in Philadelphia they were surrounded by several police officers, interrogated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and held without charges for more than 18 hours.” Both men cooperated with authorities and although they were armed (to protect themselves from prevalent riots, arsons and looters for several months past), they made no attempt to use their weapons or flee.

The “open carry” of a handgun in the Commonwealth of Virginia is lawful, as it is also in Pennsylvania. Antonio works in the investigative and security industry, a profession that deters predators from wrong doing when a handgun is seen in plain view. His crime is unfortunately, is mistaken ignorance the difference of the law in the State of Pennsylvania as it is in its own City of Philadelphia. The AR15 found was not loaded, stored separately and locked. It was brought as a precautionary device, not with the intent to harm, but in defense ofdocumented rioters, looters and arsonists attacking conservatives for several months now, all over our nation.

The FBI, after completing its very own investigation, released both men. In the Philadelphia Inquirer article dated November 6, 2020 quoted Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner; “there was no indication anyone else was involved or that the men were connected with any extremist group”. This article has since been taken down by the Inquirer. However, after the FBI concluded their investigation, the DA continued his own investigation, have detained them for weeks, tried to hold them without bond, failed and attempted to increase the $750K bond to $1M without any evidence of violence.
Below are just a few of the videos that support why both these Veterans as Trump Supporters showed up with weapons in Philadelphia. These women, children, elderly and a black women with her children were attacked as the rally ended by BLM and Antifa after a long day of a peaceful protest by Trump Supporters. The looting, rioting, arsons and violence these groups have been doing all across our country are very well documented – mug shots and all! The third video was filmed in Philadelphia, of two military men were attacked! So, for Krasner to try to twist this as a while supremist or anti-semitic “mass shooting averted” is a ball face lie. These political terrorists are who he should be locking up for that amount of bail.


This is not a case that borders on sedition, insurrection and reeks resistance to legitimate government as the DA’s office may and have implied:
1. The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution states that we have the right to bear arms. In accordance with Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” However, state and local governments can make regulations and stipulations more rigid and complex in terms of gun ownership and possession. Like Virginia, the state of Pennsylvania law allows individuals to carry a handgun without a permit if the gun is not concealed. The AR 15 found was NOT loaded, locked and stored away from the ammo that was found in the vehicle. In Antonio’s case, his hand gun was in plain sight and purposely not concealed. However, in the City of Philadelphia, the law requires anyone carrying a gun, concealed or not, to have a permit. The City of Philadelphia may be the only City that has this distinct law in the state of Pennsylvania.

2. Although Quanon is an online group with no membership structure, was labeled as a terrorist group, even though there is no evidence of any organized violence committed similar to what Antifa and BLM have recently demonstrated, nationwide. Opinion, beliefs or theories are protected by our First Amendment rights. An article by the Inquirer Editorial Board on October 6, 2020, the FBI calls QAnon a domestic terrorist threat but Congress members voted not to condemn it, perhaps for this reason?

There is also nothing in our constitution that prohibits anyone to believe in a theory, conspiracy ,worship Christ or even Satan. Many American are free to believe what they choose. Government officials, celebrities, such as Actress Roseanne Barr and former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling have shown support of the theory. One’s belief does not prove that they are violent. QAnon affiliated itself with the global movement to end human trafficking. This summer, QAnon adherents began taking over the anti-trafficking social media hashtag #SaveOurChildren, which was widely used during an online campaign against the Netflix Co. film “Cuties.” In contrast, BLM and Antifa are known and documented arsonists, rioters and looters, both continue to demonstrate organized violence, assault of innocent citizens, women, the elderly as well as destruction of properties in several states. Below are just a few “group” mug shots of both BLM and Antifa arrested for mass violence.

In the case of both Veterans, there is no evidence of them threatening or committing violent acts or inciting a riot. There is also no evidence of either of these men directly making death to any named Philadelphia officials. Although it was insinuated, the DA Krasner’s office presented no evidence of “violent rhetoric around the Stop the Steal movement”. In fact, the Stop the Steal protest was a peaceful protest until much later in the day when BLM and Antifa, both organized violent groups that opposes the Conservative movement were the ones that terrorized these peaceful protestors including innocent families, children and the elderly as filmed in just a few examples below:


1. Both La Motta and Macias are military trained, they are groomed to be prepared to defend our country, its citizens and themselves in the event they are attacked. With the rise of unrest and violence portrayed by organized groups such as Antifa and BLM, perhaps some would consider it was a mistake to be prepared for unexpected violence and others may say it is a matter of survival-it is after all 2020. The AR 15 and rounds of ammunition was locked in a storage box. Having possession of a gun may have consequences in terms of arms violation but this alone is no evidence of committing violence or committing an attack the convention center, City officials or anyone. Again, the FBI released them as “no threat”, meaning after their thorough investigation, these two Veteran’s weapons although mistakenly improperly certified, were NOT intended to harm but the intent is to use it to defend themselves in the event of a violent riots prevalent in the paste several months and well documented attacks of conservative women, children and the elderly.

3. Antonio is a devoted family man, an artist and musician of many genres. The cartoons that the DA’s office labeled as “violent” are satires from a comic book created several months prior. Satire is an art genre of which are generally fiction, with the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. Antonio joined the Army to protect American freedom such as our First Amendment to the United States Constitution, the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. In our country, we have the freedom to articulate one’s opinions or beliefs without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction.

4. As far as the photos used to depict violence with these two veterans, it is also customary for game hunters, even their children to have several photos of themselves holding a weapon. As well, it is customary for our US military to have photos holding a weapon. Unlike citizens they are trained to defend, a weapon is their “normal companion” as it represents “survival”. Our military men and women are not trained to be violent, as their training are unlike BLM or Antifa which are organized and violent groups with the clear intent to riot, loot, destroy and burn buildings. There is a VERY clear distinction between training to “hunt”, “defend” or training to “cause harm against innocent conservative citizens”.

Both veterans believed the weapons they carried close to them were legal in the state of Pennsylvania. One carried it unconcealed which is lawful in Pennsylvania as it is in Virginia. The other, Macias carried it concealed, believed his permit in Virginia to carry conceal still has reciprocity in Pennsylvania a statute that changed just two years ago. With the wide spread of unrest, arsons, violence, riots and looting of organized mobs such as BLM and Antifa during a very heated election, the weapon and ammo they brought that was locked, would only be used for protection in case of a massive attack as widely demonstrated on videos by these anti-conservative mobs during the Stop the Steal protest. US military Veterans are trained rigorously to use a device to gain tactical, strategic, advantage over an adversary-to protect and defend when an attack is known to be a possibility. Photos of game hunters or veterans holding a weapon do not prove the intent of harm innocent citizens, neither does carrying a weapon. It is in fact a constitutional right to own a weapon with the intent to use it to protect and defend.
The below link shows filmed evidence of BLM and Antifa attacking innocent citizes, women, children and the elderly at the end of the recent conservatie protest:
It would be reasonable if both Veternas pay fines for not being aware of the laws not being the same in Pennsylvania as it is in the City of Philadelphia. Perhaps not knowing that the reciprocity law in Pennsylvania changed recently and no longer the same as it is Virginia. Both Veterans are trained to always be prepared for a violent attack. There is written evidence that the purpose of their travel is “non-violent”, witnesses interviewed stated they are “not a threat”. Do these veterans deserve DA Krasner’s attempt to hold them without bail? When this was denied, they were held with $750K bond, but the DA’s office went on record to try to increase their bail to $1M, after the FBI released them without evidence of violent behavior or intent. In America, conspiracy Stickers, photos of you holding a weapon and satire cartoons are not used as evidence in committing a crime.

On Friday, January 22, 2021 DA Krasner’s office will make a second attempt to revoke both mens’s $750 bail with the motion that they attended a rally in Washington DC based on the premise that they were “trespassing”. The video that will be used shows both men are at least five (5) car length away from the capitol, separated by thousands of protestors, also a few feet away from sidewalks where tens and thousands of Americans walked behind parked cars infront of the capitol:
In the news on January 19, 2021, in Philadelphia, a man named Josephus killed an innocent man walking his dog. Josephus was released just 2 weeks prior with a $12K bail. Neither Veterans, Macias and La Motta have ever committed or charged of any of these crimes Josephus cummitted. ‘They were arrested 30 minutes after arriving at the convention center and no evidence of causing harm or interfering with the voting or counting of votes. While ignorance of the law may have consequences, it is clear that there is abuse of power, disparity of treatment and political retaliation. This murderer-Josephus was released on dramatically lowered bail in an armed kidnapping and an assault case. Police arrested Josephus on Feb. 19 of last year, on charges of kidnapping for ransom, robbery, car theft, firearms violations and other charges — 11 counts in all — from a case the previous July:

Setting aside our political prejudices, based on facts, public videos and verifiable information above, I ask, is this a case against two Veterans demonized for political prejudice/retaliation and abuse of power at $750K bail and a motion to revoke their bail or should it just be… the case of American Veterans’ ignorance of an arms statutes with fines as the consequences? You decide.



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