During a political season there is a lot of propaganda to go around. Articles written by one side or the other abound to try to convince you of one thing or another. Both sides do it. I learned a long time ago to dig deeper when I see things that appear to be over the top.

One great example is that Trump is anti women. If the truth was highly publicized he would have much higher support by women. That would not make for great TV news. It is boring to point out that Trump is more than fair when it comes to women in the workplace.

I first asked myself why his family supports him if he is really a misogynist? I then asked myself why women are not coming forward with accusations about him  like they did Herman Cain?

The people who worked with and for Trump, not people who hear things and get offended, have not come forward. Nobody is saying he is perfect but it appears he has promoted women in his organization to a higher degree than anyone previously thought.

Here is an article telling the good and the bad about women and Trump. I was surprised to find it. This is NOT written by someone supporting Trump. It is written by a women and Senior Editor at the Washington Post.

On top of that, the video below shows Trump in action. Can you imagine a misogynist and a racist hiring a Black Woman, let alone returning a kiss on the cheek?

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