The majority of the House Of Representatives are playing partisan politics and this year has basically accomplished nothing. Oh, I am sorry they are setting themselves up for a raise and calling for more repetitious-and expensive investigations. Didn’t we just have a two-year investigation that cost the taxpayers millions in US Currency, constructive time and helping to ignore very important issues, confronting the United States Citizenry?

One of these issues, illegal immigrants/fraudulent applicants, usually drives local communities taxes up for education, medical, housing, and law enforcement. This needs to be addressed and not remain stagnant. Yet the Democratic Party refuses to come together in Congress to fix it. The Democratic representatives’ hatred for our president outweighs getting anything useful done for our country! Protecting its U.S. citizens from infiltrating radical Islamists, drug trafficking, exotic disease carriers, hardcore criminals/ gang members and people who rather take advantage of this country, appears to be the Democratic platform.

Yes, the Democratic Party today is so far to the left and is not the party I once belonged too!

In conclusion, I give you words from a respectable Democratic President, I loved and cherished. A quote from the late President John F Kennedy. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country “. Beware Social Democrats, he did not mean your party.

LTC Michael “Goose” Bogmenko (RET.) USAR

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