As veterans, we understand that our time in the military has had a profound impact on us. Whether we served for a few years or were part of the Guard or Reserve, the changes may not be as drastic compared to those who served for an extended period on active duty. Additionally, the experience of serving during peacetime versus wartime is vastly different. The distinction between being on the front lines or behind them is also a significant factor. Nevertheless, even a brief exposure to military life can bring about positive changes in us.

The military isn’t the only factor that shapes us. Our life experiences and the chemical changes in our bodies as we age also play a significant role. Personally, at 65, I can confidently say that I am not the same person I was in my 20s. I’m willing to bet that anyone over 40 has started to notice these changes too. Believe me, you won’t be the same person in your 60s as you were in your 40s either. It is true both physically and mentally.

Oscar Wilde once wisely said, “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” It’s important to remember that one of the signs of wisdom is being open to the idea that what we once believed may not be true. Even though our parents or teachers had good intentions, what they taught us may not always be accurate.

Mom said I would get sick if I went out in the cold without a jacket. Not true. My teacher said Daddy Longlegs are poisonous but they cannot bite us. Partially true. They cannot bite us but there is no poison in their system.  Piranhas eat people. There are only 3 documented cases of them eating those who were already dead. However, they can bite under the right circumstances. The list of false beliefs goes on and on.

The other week I received an email pointing out Trump changed his mind on some things. The writer did not like Trump and I suppose he saw Trump as a hypocrite. Are you a hypocrite if life experience works in a way that changes your mind? For example, Trump was once a Democrat. I can understand because I tilted in that direction myself years ago. Again, I can cite many examples of change during my life. Young uneducated people may not understand how this works.

To address the issue about Trump directly I will clarify what the writer said.

Former President Donald Trump, currently under two separate multi-count indictments, said in 2016 that a presidential candidate facing criminal indictment “has no right to be running” and that electing a president under indictment would create an “unprecedented constitutional crisis.”

Here is a link to a video about this. While the quote is not exact it is close enough.

Does Trump have the right to change his mind? Absolutely, he does, just like anyone else. Trump once expressed his belief that individuals who invoke the Fifth Amendment must be hiding something. However, his perspective shifted when he witnessed the corruption and political nature of the legal system. Now, he holds a different opinion, and honestly, I can’t blame him.

Trump has said a lot of things that I wouldn’t say or would say differently. But that doesn’t automatically mean his policies were wrong. Let’s face it, no policy is ever going to be perfect, as he himself admits. However, whenever I discuss Trump with people, I always challenge them to point out a specific policy they disagree with. More often than not, they struggle to articulate one or provide any evidence of another policy that has worked in American history. It’s quite interesting, really.

Yes, Trump has indeed changed his mind, just like any wise person would. And unfortunately, the witch hunt against him continues, with yet another round of probable charges. But you know what? Every time they come at him, he only grows stronger, and his supporters rally behind him. It’s almost as if that’s what they secretly desire, isn’t it?

Honestly, I’ve reached a point where I would want to see Trump emerge victorious, even if I hadn’t supported him from the beginning. Because if we allow the left to win once again, it’s game over for America. We can’t let that happen.


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