It likely dawned on you that Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden share a common set of failures. I came into the job market in 1976 while going to college. The comparisons are eerily similar.

  • During Carter’s presidency, Cold War tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union were at their peak. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 further strained relations. Similar to Biden with Russia and the failed Afghanistan pullout
  • Camp David Accords in 1978 laid the framework for peace between Israel and Egypt but ultimately failed to bring about a comprehensive resolution to the broader Middle East conflict. Biden could not continue Trump’s success in the Middle East.
  • The energy crisis of the 1970s, characterized by soaring oil prices and shortages, presented a significant foreign policy challenge for Carter. His attempts to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil through energy conservation failed. Carter’s failure to effectively address the energy crisis contributed to perceptions of feeble and indecisive leadership. Biden’s policies make us more dependent on dirty foreign oil all in the name of making the planet greener.
  • One of the most significant missteps of Carter’s foreign policy was the handling of the Iran hostage crisis, where 52 American diplomats and citizens were held captive by Iranian militants for 444 days. Biden has American hostages being held by Hamas.
  • When it comes to education, Jimmy Carter’s tenure as President could be best described as a masterclass in the art of failure. Carter simply couldn’t pass the test when it came to improving our nation’s schools. From his ill-advised decision to create the Department of Education (which only served to further bureaucratic red tape) as well as his support for teachers’ unions to his inability to rally support for meaningful education reforms, Carter left a trail of broken pencils and disappointed students in his wake. Biden continues to support the failed teachers unions and the DOE.
  • Despite Carter’s attempts to control inflation, the economy experienced double-digit inflation rates, reaching a peak of over 13% in 1980. This not only eroded the purchasing power of the American people but also created an uncertain and unstable economic environment. Have you bought gas or groceries during the Biden administration?
  • One of the key criticisms of Jimmy Carter’s presidency was his lack of clarity in policy direction. Carter often struggled to articulate his vision and priorities effectively, leaving both the American people and members of his administration uncertain about the direction of his policies. Can anyone tell me what the Biden administration stands for besides ruining America?
  • Carter’s poor public relations skills and the negative perception of his presidential image also played a role in his failures. His administration was often seen as indecisive and ineffective, which further eroded public confidence and support for his policies. Karine Jean-Pierre or KJP, as she is better known, is possibly the worst presidential PR flack in recent memory.

One big difference was Jimmy Carter’s view on illegal immigration. Carter stopped companies from hiring illegals and Biden opened the borders and doesn’t care about our poor.

While Carter had high unemployment Biden continues to lie about the so-called millions of jobs they added. These were simply people going back to work after COVID and working two jobs due to inflation. Click here for the actual unemployment numbers before COVID and today. 3.6% then and now.

We can only hope the failed Biden Presidency ushers in the same results that it did in 1980. Twelve years of Republican Presidents with Trump taking back the White House!

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