If you have Fox Nation you may be interested in watching Tucker Carlson’s latest interview with Jodi Shaw. Tucker Carlson Today Episodes (25). Military and Veterans still get 1 year free. You just have to remember to cancel before they bill you. If you stay it will be half price for us. I simply set a calendar reminder for next year so I can decide if I’m going to keep it. I seldom tune in but this episode is related to Lieutenant Colonel Paul S. Gardiner’s post on CRT.

You may or may not recall a student named Oumou Kanoute claimed that all she “did was be black” when a janitor called security on her when he found her in a closed lounge in July 2018. It took until Feb 2021 for a 35-page report to appear that found no evidence of racial discrimination. However, the damage was already done.

Jodi’s story goes on to discuss the racism that is being taught at Smith College and how her refusal to participate in it led to her resignation. This is not an isolated incident. It is going on across the country in places of higher and lower education as well as corporate America. It must be stopped before it escalates any further. Remember the last time a country singled out a group of people based on their race/religion? It led to World War II. 

Jodi is trying to form a group to support the damaged employees at Smith College and to help others fight the racism that has invaded our higher education system. Hearing her made the truth of this horrible racism hit home. You can learn more about Jodi Shaw and her fight at this weblink. She has brought a lawsuit and we hope she succeeds. If nothing else, pray for her cause. Here is a link to the Lawsuit document on her website. Number 5 sums it up.

Below is a 10-minute video from 2020 before Jodi resigned. The interview on Fox Nation with Tucker was very well done. I encourage you to check that out.


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