Prior to the election, I answered the McCain versus Trump question many times. See one archived post from May 2016 by clicking here. My answer is still the same today. I would never have said that McCain was not a war hero. At the same time, I had a boss in the Air Force that was also a war hero. He was the most miserable SOB I ever knew.

War hero status does not give an individual any special rights in America to be nasty. John McCain lashed out first at then-candidate Trump and his supporters retaliated.

Were we supposed to give John McCain special privilege to disparage a candidate for President and his followers because he is a war hero?

I spent just under 23 years on active duty at the 193rd Special Operations Wing under the AGR program. While I was in the unit from 1980 to 2002 we deployed for Granda, Panama, First Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. In between, I spent time on missions in South and Central America.  That sounds like a lot even when I think about it. However, I was not alone. I was one of many doing things like that.

Am I or my comrades afforded any special privilege if we want to be jerks? No!  Yes, veterans and even war heroes can be jerks.

If you are a history nerd you may even recall the difficulties between Eisenhower and McArthur and others.

I give President Trump credit for remaining consistent. President Trump isn’t sugar coating it in life or death. The feud between the two of them continued until McCain’s death as evidenced by McCain’s own words. Death does not change facts.

Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America …

The “despair” and “present difficulties” are only felt by those who object to the success of President Trump.

Both these men are or will be missed by the family and friends that love them.

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