I’ve been neglecting posts as it has been a busy summer. Here are a  few thoughts:


If you want to learn the history of where the idea of reparations came from and who stopped it click here. I’m linking to a PBS website of all places. Here is an important quote from the article:

And what happened to this astonishingly visionary program, which would have fundamentally altered the course of American race relations? Andrew Johnson, Lincoln’s successor and a sympathizer with the South, overturned the Order in the fall of 1865, and, as Barton Myers sadly concludes, “returned the land along the South Carolina, Georgia and Florida coasts to the planters who had originally owned it” — to the very people who had declared war on the United States of America.

Leftists and blacks that hate Republicans should know two things. First, it was the Republican Party that was formed to free slaves. Second, Lincoln’s VP was Andrew Johnson, a Democrat who took over after Lincoln was assassinated. That’s right, the President (Lincoln) was a Republican and the Vice President (Andrew Johnson) was a Democrat!! Once again the Democrats screwed the former slaves over. You may also recall that the Southern Slave Owners were Democrats!

If reparations are ever to be paid to the descendants of slaves, wouldn’t it then be fair for the Democrat descendants of slave owners to pay for it?

The Border

Once again President Trump was proven correct. All the while the Democrats in Congress, the Senate and the Trump hating media shouted “There is no crisis on the border” and “This is a manufactured crisis“.  Now, all sane Democrats admit it but do not want to really do anything about it. For goodness sakes, even Wayfair employees want to make illegal immigrant children sleep on dirt floors or concrete. This is the definition of herd mentality.

Add the picture of the dead father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande to the mix. Anyone who has children or love for their fellow man finds it disturbing. However, that doesn’t stop it from being politicized by the left. They say it is Trump’s fault. Well, it wasn’t Trump calling it a manufactured crisis for months! I just don’t understand how anyone can vote for these Democrats. Sure, Trump is not traditional but these people are off the rails.


OK, so we are veterans. I’m not sure what we all think about this. The vets I have spoken with so far are glad President Trump took action that did not involve killing people. Proportional responses are better when you are trying to avoid all-out war. There are many innocent people in Iran. Do we want to kill their sons over an expensive piece of hardware? Again, I’m not sure where everyone stands on this issue. I am happy President Trump took other action.


Here we go again! I believe many of us are getting tired of the “me too” stuff. I’m not even going to mention the woman’s name but when Anderson Cooper sees through it the rest of the rational world should too. If you did not see it, click here for a short video clip. This woman totally discredits herself and Anderson panics as it is destroying the narrative the left wants to push.

I’m not trying to broad stroke this subject (no pun intended). As with all politicians and well-known people, I’m sure some accusations are true and some are false. However, I think Americans should discount any and all allegations of a sexual nature when they are brought up only when a person runs for office or becomes well known. After all, I could say Hillary Clinton sexually assaulted me at a gathering in Alexandria Virginia. Prove she didn’t! I’m sure you get the point.

Oh, one final thought. We knew Trump was a rich playboy before we voted for him in 2016. That’s not going to make a difference in 2020.

2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates

All I can say here is they are all more extreme on policy than President Trump in rhetoric. The simple fact that they all think Trump is “dangerous” or whatever else they label him proves the point. No need to go into abortion up until the 9th month, freebies and giveaways nobody can afford, open borders and their green policies. They don’t care about the middle-class working man and women, just their special interests. Notice, I’m not talking about people who call themselves Democrats, just the politicians and talking heads on TV and radio along with their internet companies and so-called news outlets.

I know and am friends with many people that called themselves Democrats. They are now either for Trump or embarrassed to call themselves Democrats. Either way, they won’t be showing up to vote for any of the current Democrat candidates. The best of them is still too far left. Thanks, Democratic Party! You are helping to make America great by being an embarrassment to those who once supported you 🙂

If you don’t hear from me until after the 4th, God Bless America! America First!

As you were!

Vets for Trump


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