This post relates to the false viral video relating to the MAGA hat wearing boys from the Kentucky Catholic school. You may have seen it on the news like CNN and many other major networks, Hollywood celebs and leftists had to delete their tweets calling the kids racists etc. See this update in 2020.

There is another video going around being pushed by the right. It is related to illegal immigrants getting big tax returns. Here is the original video from channel 13 News.  You may have been encouraged to share it via Social Media. I always investigate when I get things like this. This one was true in 2013. In 2017 the loophole giving illegal immigrants billions in taxpayer refunds has been partially fixed.

What makes people want to swallow everything they are fed?

I want to believe vs I want to know the truth

During one of my conversations with my ancient alien believing buddy, I realized something. I recalled the poster in Mulder’s office on the X-Files TV show. It said, “I want to believe”. That was my buddy. He wanted to believe. I, on the other hand, wanted to know the truth.
None of us are immune from wanting to share things that agree with our biases. I don’t care if it is alien related or politically related. We tend to agree with things that we are predisposed to agree with. Our focus should be checking things out before sharing. We should be very skeptical when someone encourages you to share with all your friends. 
Buzzfeed and many news organizations lost credibility this past week. It got slammed by the Mueller team public statement calling their reporting inaccurate.
Kentucky Christian school kids wrongfully got portrayed as mean punks. Think before you share or forward. One or more of these kids could get hurt or even killed over a lie. Many lives have been ruined by lies.
“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” ~ Benjamin Franklin.
The Democratic Party, meaning (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and others) had a very bad week because they wanted to believe. They are filled with hate to the point of not wanting to know the truth.
The world is filled with liars and people out to deceive you. Sometimes it is out of malice and other times it is by error. When a friend shares something that you strongly agree with remember the embarrassment that the History Channel has become. If Ancient Alien Theorists say yes it only exposes their biases. You can have your own opinions. You cannot have your own facts.

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