The Facts:

According to Revolver News quoting the New York Times (of all places), the shooting of 3 (2 dead) criminals by Kyle Rittenhouse will be ruled self-defense. We shall see but all the evidence at this time appears to be in Kyle’s favor. With the exception of his age, 17, he was within his legal rights to defend himself.

According to a news release Friday evening, attorney Pierce Bainbridge of Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP announced the firm will be representing Rittenhouse. WTMJ Milwaukee 


I’ve been a bit shocked by FOX News’ lack of detailed reporting on this issue. I’ve also been a bit dismayed at FOX News personalities focusing more on the anti-vigilante angle than the need for self-defense. When good people are pushed too far they will form vigilante groups, not out of a desire to kill people but out of a need to do what the government will not.

Vets for Trump urges all Patriots to vote only for other Patriots. This excludes 99.99% of all those under the banner of Democrat and sadly some Republicans. It is not just the Presidency that we need to concern ourselves with. It is every Federal, State, and Local official that must go that does not support law and order. Do not forget, the Democrats brought us the first Civil War. Do not let the Democrats bring us the second one. Many argue we are already there. This election is the last hope to turn the tide against the anti-American left.

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