It is imperative that Donald Trump secures the presidency in 2024, as the future of America hangs in the balance. Allow me to emphasize that my support for this notion is not driven by personal fandom, but rather by my extensive global experiences during my 23-year tenure in Air Force Special Operations. Throughout my travels, I have witnessed the detrimental consequences of political prosecutions in numerous nations. The likes of China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, and countless others serve as stark reminders of the perils that await when a country reaches the end of this treacherous path.

It is crucial to acknowledge that prosperous nations do not engage in lawfare against their political adversaries. Such practices undermine the very foundations of justice and fairness that are essential for societal progress. As a nation, we must strive to uphold the principles of the republic, ensuring that political opponents are not unjustly targeted for their beliefs.

The potential ramifications of failing to elect Trump in 2024 are grave. We risk descending into a state of perpetual turmoil, where the rule of law is overshadowed by political vendettas. This is not the future we desire for our great nation.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon us, as responsible citizens, to recognize the significance of this upcoming election. We must rally behind a leader who will safeguard the integrity of our institutions and protect the rights of all Americans. By doing so, we can ensure a prosperous and harmonious future for our beloved country.

It is highly probable that you have come across this video previously, but I am sharing it with you just in case you haven’t. Letitia James vehemently denies pursuing Trump on a political witch hunt. However, she seems to overlook the fact that we live in an era where video cameras are omnipresent. This is the America we live in today. It is not the one veterans fought for. She should be ashamed and disbarred.


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