Jacob Blake had a knife inside his vehicle when he was shot seven times by a Wisconsin police officer as he opened the SUV’s door, authorities revealed Wednesday.

The discovery of the weapon, found on the driver’s side floorboard of Blake’s SUV, was announced by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, who is investigating the Sunday shooting in Kenosha that has ignited deadly protests in the city.


In contrast, Jacob Blake’s mother Julia Jackson had said that the destruction taking place in Kenosha does not reflect the wishes of her family. Her son would not be pleased to see the devastation caused in his name, she added. She also apologized to President Trump on CNN.


From what I observed of Blake’s mother she is a saint. If you have a child who has gone astray and you are a Christian your heart breaks. I know this from my own family history. Some of the best kids come from some of the worst homes and some of the worst kids come out of great homes. It is not a blanket statement that is meant to cover all cases. What I’m saying is there is no accounting for why some young people do stupid stuff when they are taught better.

If you want to end police violence then stop doing stupid stuff. Learn from the examples of all these past police encounters that they are not fooling around. You may think you can do drugs, resist arrest and treat police badly. What you may learn is that some cops will not be as tolerant.

Parents play a huge role in correcting the situation that some perceive as police brutality. Parents, teach your children to have respect for the law. 99.99% of all this crap could be stopped if people just respected and complied with the police. Do you think for one minute that a cop wants to be met with resistance or abuse? How would you react if you were that cop?

Cops are not usually bad people. As a matter of fact, I don’t know how they put up with what they do. Are there bad apples? Sure. But, just like you wouldn’t judge all Muslims on the actions of some you should not judge all cops by the actions of some. We did not attack peaceful Muslims living in America after 9/11. Neither should you attack good police for a perceived violation of authority. Maybe you should wait until the full story comes out. Even George Floyd might have died from a drug overdose without Chauvin’s knee on his neck. We will never know the answer to that but what Chauvin did does not reflect on all. You run the risk of being seriously injured or killed for rioting. Don’t you get that?

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