Although this has been brought up in previous years it is worth repeating. Veterans get 2 days per year for recognition. Veterans Day for the living and Memorial Day to remember our fallen. Today we remember and honor our brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate price.

The solemn nature of this day is overshadowed by family get-togethers and backyard barbeques. If you did not lose a friend or loved one in war it is easy to simply take advantage of the blessings their sacrifice made possible without a second thought. For those of us who fought in wars and lost friends and loved ones, Memorial Day has a deeper meaning.

My friends and I find it disconcerting that while actual heroes get two days of recognition per year our nonnormative friends get a whole month. To top it off it is called “Pride Month”. I do not know anybody in our ranks that cares about nonnormative sexual proclivities until it affects us or our children and loved ones. To each their own. However, to call it “Pride Month” confuses most of us. George Carlin said it best in this short video clip.

For most of us, especially veterans, pride has to do with something we have achieved through effort. We can also be proud of others and their achievements. This is not the meaning of pride in “Pride Month”. That meaning has to do more with a “showy display”, “exaggerated self-esteem” et cetera. See Websters.

Not all NN’s are into the showy displays of their sexuality. They are not the ones coming for your children. In reality, it is a subsection but they have the loudest voices. Somehow they have convinced the United States that being nonnormative deserves an entire month. It is time patriotic Americans push back. Not with anger and violence but with common damn sense!

The argument from the non-normative sexual community is that they were born that way. I have my doubts about that with rare exceptions. Here is why:

Nonnormative gender expression is an internal sense having nothing to do with actual gender. Some interesting data from UCLA School of Law – Williams Institute as of 2021 about nonbinary are:

  • Of the 1.2 million in the USA the majority of nonbinary adults are under age 29 (76%), urban (88%), and white (58%).
  • A greater percentage of nonbinary adults are normal gender rather than transgender.
  • 82% were abused as children, 94% have considered suicide and 39% have attempted suicide.

According to bullet point 1 from the study, the majority of nonbinary adults grow out of it by age 29. This makes sense since the human brain is not fully developed until around age 25. That gives them 4 or so years to figure out their confusion.

Bullet 2 points out the vast majority are not what we call transgender. These do not exactly fit into a genetic model.

Bullet point 3 points to abuse as an anecdotal cause, not genetics. It also is worth noting that these abused people may want to hurt themselves. Therefore, we should handle them with some measure of care and not be abusive in our discussions.

However, all that does not imply we should be so sympathetic we pretend like their identities are anything more than what they are. Real or imagined, why should we be asked to not only accept it but celebrate it for an entire month? 

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