I retired in 2002 and often went to the Korean exercises Team Spirit and Foal Eagle. Maybe you did as well. I know Team Spirit no longer takes place and Foal Eagle just finished up after a Winter Olympics delay. I am unaware of any other routine scheduled exercises.

Therefore, putting a hold on military exercises will not be an issue until next year. That is plenty of time to see if North Korea will hold up to its part of the bargain. If not, you can expect them to be taken off hold.

It is also noteworthy that sanctions are not going to be removed until we verify NK is holding up to its part of the deal.

I can’t see the downside to this. North Korea is well known for not holding up its end of any deal. If they do not under President Trump’s watch they will be sorry. He is not a man to be taken lightly like previous Presidents.

I know the America Last crowd will be upset but they will be upset at any and all good news under President Trump. Isn’t it obvious by now?

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