Be aware that leftist hordes financed by liberal billionaires and their so-called moderate Democrat antics are crushing the American Dream. The Democrats are
planning a resurrection of leftist/socialist politicians.  These leftist politicians are propelled by radical anarchistic groups who are determined to continue to destroy private and government properties as well as dismantle the constitution.

History repeats itself. This happened during World War 1 to a Democratic coalition of political parties sidelined by the Russian Communist Bolsheviks coup which created the Soviet Union, a Marxist government. The pathway to Marxism uses the No God, one sided-media coverage, violent mobs and partisan political leaders who claim instability, to express their views.

George Washington and our greatest patriot/statesmen have realized the importance of religion in its relationship to the welfare of its countryman. Religion and democracy are inseparable. The God problem the so-called moderate Democrats have will lead to faith in government rather than God. Spiritual character is necessary to America as is Law and Order.

The lawlessness America is experiencing now is a prelude to what the United States will be if Joe Biden is elected. Big brother will fulfill all your needs without the need for that pesky God! The U.S will be a bankrupted nation dependent on other nations, using a puppet President controlled by leftist elitist millionaires.

Elect President Trump again!

LTC Michael Goose Bogmenko (Ret.) USAR

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