6 October 2020

On the day after President Trump was released from the hospital for his case of Covid, this breezy and very pleasant afternoon brought a pleasant surprise. I made a right turn on to Big Tyler Road just as the light changed. The guy I got in front of pulled in beside me at the place where we post. He (Barry) is retired Army and was on his way to knock on doors for the Republican Party. Barry took the point with a “Honk for Trump” sign and stood with us for thirty minutes. He did a great job waving at motorists.

I asked Barry to spread the word to Republicans that two Independents are doing their work. Will we see any Republicans next week? In 2008 the local Republicans shunned us. So, we shall see.

Before Barry left, I told him that Trump haters have a dilemma when they pass. If they honk to get our attention (or express their hatred) then it is (essentially) a response to our “Honk for Trump” signs. If they give us a thumb down gesture (or extend their IQ, i.e. middle finger) they disrespect veterans or, worse, our American flags. The only thing left is to yell, “F— Trump” which exhibits their hearts and hate.

America will go to the side of hate (Biden) or the side of hope (Trump) next month.

Addendum: A guy, stopped in traffic across the street, yelled, “I’ve got him with me!” He pointed to a decal of President Trump’s bust on the rear side window. It almost looked like the President was riding behind him.


Why no other patriots (especially veterans) have joined us could be due to lack of time (a poor excuse), timidity (God can take care of that), or even terror (due to the vicious actions of Biden supporters across the nation). We will do our duty.

We really need a spotter who can be inconspicuous with a camera and phone.

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