(Dover Air Force Base, Dover, DE)  — Today, May 31, 2021, all across the state of Delaware, special events were held to honor those who have given their lives for our country and our freedom.

Veterans For America First Press Secretary Kristie Tertel spent a 4-day ‘long weekend’, recognizing all veterans for their sacrifice and service, of course, with particular emphasis on the fallen who lost their lives fighting for our freedoms while still in uniform, in over 20+ events across Delaware. Tertel highlights that, “This was an incredible, but exhausting, experience as our growing Veterans For America First Team was spread-out nationwide to attend as many Memorial Day Events as possible.  It was truly an honor and privilege to be able to ‘serve’ our nation’s true heroes and their sacrifices and also, to remember the true cost of freedom: i.e. ‘freedom isn’t free’ by commemorating the legacy of all American men and women who never made it out of that uniform.”

Moreover, Veterans For America First  President and decorated U.S. Army combat veteran, Vlad Lemets, expressed in a telephone interview to local ‘Del-Mar-Va’ reporters earlier this evening, “As President of Veterans For America First, I am extremely proud of our organization’s National Press Secretary, Kristie Tertel, for representing us throughout the great ‘First State’ of Delaware from public speeches, media interviews, parades, Gold Star Family ceremonies, Operation Enduring Warrior ‘MURPH” Challenge Fundraiser, etc. in recognizing Veterans for their sacrifice and service.” Content was live-streamed throughout Memorial Day Weekend covering Tertel’s ground-breaking Delaware-based interviews and events from May 28-31, 2021 and can be found online at the official Veterans For America First (and affiliates’) social media and Facebook pages, respectively.

In one of her event speeches to Gold Star Families, Press Secretary Kristie Tertel particularly noted to the crowd, at 0800, outside in the freezing rain “I am here today to represent Veterans For America First. I have one mission in being here. It is something I ask of every single one of you regardless of political affiliation or skin color. Please, I beg you, remember and honor the legacy of those who have given their lives in service to our country. Absolute strangers died decades ago for your very right to freely protest my presence here today. We must all count our blessings. Each and every one of us is the ‘light’ for future generations to come, our individual voices must lead the future of America. Be ‘the light’ America needs, especially right now in today’s turbulent political climate. But take note: that ‘light’ keeps burning because of those who came before us. Today, we honor them for their sacrifices and we remember them by honoring each and every single one of these ‘strangers’’ who never made it home. I stand here today, because of them. Thank you, heroes. Gone, but NEVER forgotten. ”

Finally, to support the ‘Veterans For America First’  mission in enforcing our shared America First agenda and policy initiatives nationwide, please refer to the official Veterans For America First website at: www.VeteransForAmericaFirst.org today!


Media Contact: Press Secretary, Kristie Tertel,  [email protected]

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