I took an Oath. Presumably, if you are reading this, you took an oath also. There were some serious words in that Oath.

Honor. Promise. Support. Defend. Enemies. Foreign/Domestic.

I don’t remember anyone telling me that I was “relieved” of that Oath. No one told me that there was an expiration date. There wasn’t someone telling me when I took off my uniform for the last time, and left the military, that my oath no longer mattered, that I didn’t need to fulfill that obligation any longer.


If you’ve read this far into this missive, I have a question for you.

How do YOU feel about the Oath that you took? Does it matter to you, or was that only good while you wore the uniform? Did the Oath only matter when you were getting paid? You know, like a mercenary? If you’re answer is yes, don’t bother reading any farther. If your answer is no, let me ask you another question.

What do YOU think about the current situation in our nation? I would suggest to you, each and every one of you, that if you think the USA is moving along smartly in the proper direction, and there are no concerns, then stand down. It’s “All Good” as the kids might say …

IF however, you are NOT satisfied with our nation as it exists today, then I ask you if that Oath you took those many years ago demands action on your part?  Well, “Does it Punk” ?(excuse the Dirty Harry movie reference).

Here’s the thing Brothers. I believe that Oath I took requires me to get involved. I believe that Oath I took demands that I fulfill my obligation to defend this nation …. STILL!

Perhaps you read in the news recently about some nasty accusations about the former Vice Presidents son using his Fathers influence as Vice President to financially benefit. You can read the accusations for yourself, and make up your own mind.

What my concern is, whether or not as a Father, my judgment would be clouded if decisions I had to make would hurt my son. IF Hunter Biden is guilty of the malfeasance that appears to be proven by the recent exposing of documentation that suggests that Hunter Biden, perhaps the entire Biden family used the influence and power of the  Office of the Vice President of the United States to personally enrich themselves. IF that accusation is TRUE, what kind of influence would these non-US governments/entities hold over the potential President of the United States, Joe Biden?

If you do NOT believe any of the documentation recently revealed of this accused malfeasance then your conscience is clear, and doing nothing would not be a violation of your Oath.

IF HOWEVER you do believe the recent disclosure of documentation that indicates an unlawful and illegal “Pay for Play” scheme of “Quid, Pro, Quo” between foreign companies and governments, and the Biden family, what does you Oath demand of you?

That’s a rhetorical question, each veteran will answer that question for themselves. As for me, my conscience demands that I work as hard as possible to make sure that a Candidate potentially compromised by foreign entities does NOT become President of the United States!!!

Do any of you remember the movie, “The Manchurian Candidate”? As Veterans, we simply cannot allow a Candidate with loyalties and obligations to a foreign entity to become the President of the United States. That Oath we took? To protect and defend America against ALL enemies, both Foreign and Domestic?

THIS perhaps is the VERY  circumstances and situation that our Oath demand s us to defend AGAINST!

Collectively let us demand of ourselves and one another – that we make sure that we do everything in our power so that President Trump is reelected!

We swore an Oath to Defend America against ALL enemies, Foreign AND Domestic!


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