We get a lot of questions like this and many others. Some recent questions had to do with the 10% and first raise in 10 years statement President Trump made over the holidays in Iraq. Let me answer several questions.

Iraq Speech

In order to be intellectually honest, I fully admit President Trump’s remarks about military pay in Iraq pissed me off to no end. Every time a politician throws out bullshit it diminishes their credibility. I make ZERO excuses for him in relation to this load of crap! However, we can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. If we did we would have to throw nearly every politician out. No need to go down a list of lies other Presidents have spewed. We all know that crap flies from both sides.

Syria Pullout

The proposed pull out of Syria had the establishment in “hair on fire” mode. Admittedly, it seemed a bit rash to do it quickly. However, many of us agree that we cannot stay in these countries forever. Some of us are old fashioned enough to believe you kill the enemy and then leave. We are not sure where all this nation building came from. Some say WWI but that was a different time and set of circumstances. Nation building became an overreaction to the mistake of massive war reparations imposed by the victors in WWI. Destory, leave and repeat as needed. That seems to be better than destroy, occupy, die and waste money.

America First

To continue with being intellectually honest we should admit President Trump has turned this country upside down. At the same time, he has turned it around. Most of us expected as much when we voted for him. Those who voted for him knew he was going to blow up the system. That’s exactly what we wanted, at least I did and still do. No, I/We are not anarchists. We are simply tired of the same old politicians working for their own self-interest.

Slogans like Make America Great and America First resonates with the hard working middle class and especially veterans. Can anyone argue putting America Second or America Last is a good slogan? Frankly, that is how our politicians have appeared to be functioning for the last 50 years or so if not longer. If you want to know why Donald Trump became President Trump look no further than that.

Border Security / The Wall

We are now at another crossroads relating to border security. Did President Trump say Mexico was going to pay for it? He sure did. Are they going to pay for it? I believe so but not in the way President Trump says. Simply put, Mexico will have to deal with caring for their own and those who come from Central America instead of the USA if and only if we get our border under control. A physical barrier in strategic places is essential.

It is not intellectually honest to say walls don’t work. That’s like saying wheels don’t work. They work for their intended purpose and have for thousands of years. Furthermore, it is not intellectually honest to say barriers, walls fences etc. are immoral. If anyone really believes that then they need to start tearing down the ones that exist. The wall or barrier is only one part of President Trump’s proposal which includes the technology cited by others. We all know the barrier or wall needs to be monitored along with devices that detect contraband items coming through ports of entry.

Government Shutdown

Did President Trump say he would accept responsibility for the government shutdown? Yes, he did. Did he then try to turn the tables and call it the Democratic shutdown? Yes, he did. That too is a bunch of bull. Regardless of who one blames, there is another truth. President Trump is willing to compromise on the amount he wants for the wall, fence or barrier.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, President Obama, and many other prominent Democrats are on video record stating the same things President Trump is saying. If you haven’t seen it click here. I am asking my leftist readers to be intellectually honest and admit President Trump says he is willing to compromise but Nancy and Chuck are not. Feel free to still blame President Trump for the shutdown because he did say he would take the blame.

Childish Rhetoric

Honestly, if you want to say they have ALL acted like children I will wholeheartedly agree. My personal opinion is if you remove the childish rhetoric, President Trump is making a stronger point on policy. That is a point we can differ on based on opinion.

Calling the President or Policy racist or xenophobic is childish. Is Mexico racist against brown people? Is Brazil racist against brown people? Even the Mexicans want the Central Americans to go home. Click here.

Recently, Brazil’s President declared:

“Brazil has a sovereign right to decide whether or not it accepts migrants,” Mr. Bolsonaro said in a message posted on Twitter. “Anyone who comes here must be subject to our laws and customs, and must sing our national anthem and respect our culture.”

Facts are hard to deny. This is not an issue of race. It is a matter of legal versus illegal immigration. It is a cause for concern in the USA and Latin American countries. To continue to call it racist and xenophobic is not intellectually honest. Hopefully, we can start being a little more honest with each other.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Incorrectly Attributed to Mahatma Gandhi but still a worthwhile thought.

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