President Trump ordered Defense Secretary Mark Esper to call up a yet-to-be-determined number of ready reserve components to help in the war against COVID 19.  Once again the US Military is the premier force for good in the world and at home. While many of our brothers and sisters are coming down with COVID 19 on land and at sea veterans stand ready.

We are also seeing our civilian first responders, doctors, nurses, and all medical staff step up to the challenge. The wise among us no longer take for granted the person who cleans our hospitals. These are all warriors who love our people and our country. We must love and care for their needs in return.

Think about it. Each person or surface they encounter may be carrying a viral bomb. It has killed some and will kill more of them. At the very least it will cause suffering to those who have a strong reaction to the disease.

We must pray for all of these fine people. Most of them are not accustomed to being on the front lines. Their nerves are shot and they are weary. Many of them will face the same psychological and physical stress of our veteran community.

That is where we, the veteran community and Ready Reserve, comes in. We who served can encourage and inspire those not accustomed to uncertainty and hardship. Share your praise, love, and encouragement with those who are now on the front lines. There will be physical and psychological wounds. Encourage them with this truth. The battle will end and there will be a morning after in America.

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