“Russia is Mexico with Nuclear Weapons.” I heard that one the other day on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The quote came from James Phillips – Chairman and CEO of Nanomech, Inc. I will add just his portion of the show to the bottom of this post. It is short and to the point in relation to how much China hacks versus Russia and it is backed up by the FBI.

I want readers of this post to get two main points. First, China is a bigger threat to America than Russia. Second, Mexico is a bigger threat than Russia. The first point is fairly straightforward and I believe educated people see that immediately.  Most readers on this blog (veterans) are well-educated people.

Why would I say Mexico is a bigger threat than Russia? I will bullet point it.

  • Mexico is directly on our border. Russia only borders with us in Alaska.
  • 90 to 94% of all illegal drugs enter through Mexico and that from legal points of entry! Talk about “Death to America!”
  • Violence from drug cartels has spilled into at least 230 U.S. cities. See NY Times.
  • Russia has not sent millions of refugees or illegal immigrants to America. Mexico is the main source, 84 to 89%. This is a true invasion!
  • People will argue all day about how many illegal immigrants vote in the U.S. The one thing we know for sure is that number poses a much greater threat to our elections than Russia ever could.

Before anyone starts screaming I want to clear something up. I believe most illegal immigrants are simply poor people trying to escape poverty. I don’t blame them. I blame their governments.

In conclusion, I ask you, do you now understand why both China and Mexico are bigger threats to the U.S. than Russia?


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