I hear a lot about President Trump not being trusted on his response to COVID aka China Flu. I still don’t understand how people can believe this. Sure, he said he downplayed it so as to not panic people. Do you think toilet paper shortages would be the only thing you could not get if he panicked? You are wrong. I’ve seen panic up close and personal.

To steal a thought from the left:

I will be damned if I’m going to sit here and be lectured by a political party or politician that supports the death of over 600,000 babies each year when it comes to COVID deaths!

The smartest thing I’ve heard is that Trump saved lives by his actions, not by his public-facing words of encouragement. Fauci himself said so. Can anyone imagine what Biden or any other President (even Republican) would have done? Trump knew how to bring the Private and Public sectors together and cut through red tape for vaccines and therapeutics. He even benefited from his own policies. I guess the left will hate him for that too. Hell, he brought all kinds of things to major cities that never used the facilities, etc. Every major liberal Governor praised him for his great response! Of course, as the pandemic wore on and we got closer to election time they started bad-mouthing him.

So, can anyone please tell me what Trump did wrong? Can you then tell me what Biden or Harris suggested to do better at the time? No, you can’t. This is just a game we play in politics. There is no way to prove how or if anyone else would have done better. The bottom line is we know Biden would have done worse. Now that Trump has it under control as best he can, Biden says he would do better? How? All Biden did was plagiarize Trump’s existing plan but calls it a “National Policy” instead of leaving it to the states. You are a numbskull if you believe Biden would have done better. See Swine Flu results which Biden was in charge of.


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