I was talking with a fellow Veteran for Trump the other day explaining how inflation hurts us even if you get a cost of living increase. Maybe it does not dawn on everyone but when you get your increase a year has already gone by. While the rate of inflation was costing you more over that particular year you saw no increase in pay.

Expecting to catch up by receiving an increase in military retirement or Social Security is a fallacy. Add to that under Biden the inflation rate significantly climbed every year putting you further and further behind year after year. Now you know why you have been suffering. What are you going to do about it? 

We must gain in the House and take back the Senate as well as vote for Trump even if they manage to find him guilty in some liberal court. Remember, Joe Biden did worse things with classified documents than Trump and got an 8 Million dollar advance on a book deal using classified information. Good old Joe cannot make the defense that he was President with authority to declassify either. He knew better. However, he is too old and forgetful to be prosecuted and would never be found guilty in a liberal court which is the only kind that seems to exist these days.

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