The Socialist controlled House of Representatives held a hearing today titled: “The urgent need for a national plan to create a plan to contain the coronavirus.” James Clyburn opened with a politically charged statement that had less to do with coronavirus and more to do with a political accusation. Clyburn’s remarks accused the President of “not having a plan” relating to the coronavirus.

Steve Scalise was prepared. As you can see in the screenshot above there has been a plan. The stack of papers Scalise holds up is “just a small part of the plan” that has been developed and implemented. Scalise also points out the fact that there are three doctors from President Trump’s coronavirus task force present at the hearing shows there has been a plan.

You could have dropped the Mic and ended the hearing right at that point. This is just another example of a politically motivated anti-Trump, anti-American waste of time by the Socialist controlled House of Representatives.

Here is another interesting exchange:

Scalise asks if he was involved in the China travel ban that Trump announced at the beginning of the crisis. Fauci says he was.

“Do you think that decision saved lives?” Scalise asks.

Yes I do,” Fauci says.

Scalise asks the same about the discussions that extended bans to Europe. Fauci says he was ‘actively involved in that discussion” and that that decision also saved lives.

He says the same about the ban on travel from the UK — that too saved lives.

Scalise asks about “15 days to slow the spread” and its extension, Fauci says he was involved in those decisions too and that they saved lives.

We were in agreement on virtually all of those,” Fauci says.

You see, this is all bullshit. The Socialists simply want to destroy Trump and they are willing to put American lives at risk. It was the Democrat (Socialist) Governors that killed 10’s of thousands of their own people in nursing homes. That was not Trump’s fault. They refused to follow common sense and read and execute Trump’s plan.

Fauci goes on to say that some states re-opened well and others did not.

He says that where re-opening guidelines were not followed, those have seen surges in cases.

So, those states that followed President Trump’s reopening plan did well and others did not. Hmm, sounds like Trump provided a plan. Granted, some states that did not reopen properly were led by Republican Governors like Florida. Others were led by Democrats (Socialists) like California. All in all the premise that Trump did not provide a plan is bunk.

Can you imagine if we had a feckless Socialist like Biden as President or any Socialist? They could never have developed a strategy that combined the best of the free market and the best of government resources like Trump has done. The Socialists could never have created a plan like “Warp Speed” to create a vaccine.

This hearing is a waste of time and money. Vote NO to Socialists in November by Defunding the Democrat Party.

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