Sports are inherently merit-based rather than involved in equity because they prioritize excellence and performance above all else. The essence of sports lies in the cultivation of individual talent and dedication, where those who demonstrate exceptional skill, discipline, and hard work are rewarded with success. Through rigorous training and competition, athletes continuously strive to push their boundaries and improve their skills. Given the highly competitive nature of sports, equity dilutes meritocracy by artificially leveling the playing field.

When it comes to the actual competition on the field, merit must reign supreme. Teams should be composed of players who have earned their positions through their abilities rather than by arbitrary factors such as race or gender. This emphasis on merit ensures that sports remain true tests of ability and an inspiring platform for individuals to excel based on their own efforts and talents. This is why we watch. We want to see the best compete.

The merit-based system has been the undisputed heavyweight champion of the workplace, rewarding the cream of the crop and leaving the rest to lick their wounds. It’s like a thrilling sporting event, where the best athletes showcase their skills and leave the competition in their wake. So, why in the world would we even entertain the idea of replacing this tried-and-true system with DEI?

Elon Musk asked if customers wanted to fly in an airplane made by a company that prioritizes DEI hiring over safety management. Do you think Tesla, SpaceX, or X hires people based on DEI standards? Today he posted about DEI and Amazon!

Now, let’s shift our focus to the global stage, where nations engage in a fierce battle for supremacy. Imagine this: countries locked in a high-stakes game of one-upmanship, plotting and scheming to outshine their adversaries. In this cutthroat contest, do you honestly believe that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are even a consideration?

The quest for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has managed to inflict a blow on our beloved military. Picture this: in an attempt to create a more representative force, recruitment standards get watered down faster than gas station coffee. Suddenly, physical fitness requirements take a backseat to someone’s ability to check off various identity boxes. But fret not, our enemies won’t stand a chance against their impressive intersectional credentials!

And let’s not forget the wonderful world of political correctness that accompanies it – heaven forbid we hurt anyone’s feelings by expecting them to meet certain standards or perform their duties without tiptoeing around delicate egos. So while we celebrate diversity with a less potent fighting force, perhaps our adversaries will be kind enough to hold cookies and milk for us during the next conflict. I can’t believe anyone thought Trump would be the end of our country! Leave it to the Dems.

Oh, and if you’re a lefty and you like to watch sports then stop saying you are for DEI. You wouldn’t watch it and neither would I.


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