The other day, my neighbor forwarded me an email containing a quote from Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of Donald Trump’s book, The Art of the Deal in 1987. The email was longer but here are the 3 key points it made:

  • Schwartz regrets writing the book.
  • Schwartz, along with Michael Cohen and Trump’s niece Mary do not like Trump.
  • Schwartz says he is leaving the country if Trump is elected.

Schwartz regrets writing the book.

Why does Schwartz regret writing the book? I looked it up. The best I could surmise is he feels he wrote the book without Trump and was never given enough credit. See NY Times article from 2016. I don’t know too much about ghostwriting but I Googled “what percentage of ghostwriters get credit” and here is the answer:

In general, ghostwriters don’t receive credit for their workThis is because when someone hires a ghostwriter, the book is still theirs. Ghostwriters are usually not considered the legal authors of their work and don’t have a claim to copyright or public recognition

If you look at the cover of The Art of the Deal, Schwartz is listed with Trump on the front cover. He may have other reasons for fearing/disliking Trump but so do many people. However, people with a memory will recall none of the fears manifested in his first term. Trump did not ruin the economy, start any wars, was not involved in the Russia Hoax, did not deport more than Obama, lock kids in cages like Obama, nor did he refuse to leave office. The list of things he did do are contained in the over 700 blog posts on this website.

Schwartz, along with Michael Cohen and Trump’s niece Mary do not like Trump.

Schwartz & others do not like Trump. They are in the company of millions. However, millions like Trump or at least his policies. Donald Trump’s niece, a psychologist, doesn’t like him. However, Donald Trump’s children as well as son and daughter in-laws love him and defend him. No surprises here. There are those who worked for Trump that loved him and others hated him. This is not news and I’ll write more about that further down.

Schwartz says he is leaving the country if Trump is elected.

If I had a dollar for everyone who said they were going to leave America if (Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden etc) was elected President I wouldn’t have to worry about Bidenflation. In addition, these people lose credibility because they almost never follow through. That goes for both sides of the political spectrum.

Follow up on people who do not like Trump

It is agreed that many formerly in Trump’s inner circle have despised him. At the same time many love him and defend him to this day. Below is a brief story about one incident in my military career that helps me understand the way Trump does business.

I had a Wing Commander in Special Ops that you could say the same thing about. Some loved him and others hated him. The majority disliked him but he got the job done better than any other Wing Commander I knew in 23 years of service.

There was a time when I found his actions to be questionable. Similar to Trump, he uttered the words “You are fired!” to my Squadron Commander during a Commander’s Call meeting in front of approximately 200 individuals. Despite this incident, the General (Wing Commander) and I maintained a friendly relationship even after our retirement.

Years later, while aboard his yacht, I took the opportunity to inquire about his decision. He explained that his intention was to demonstrate to other Commanders that he was not tolerant of favoritism within the ranks. This approach may sound familiar to some. Ultimately, I came to understand that his decision was justified. Looking back the Wing improved under his leadership. It wasn’t as fun for many but fun is not part of mission accomplishment.

In the end it is about policy, not personality. Those caught up in personality are not usually able to articulate their disagreement with policy. Rational people want the things Trump and most conservatives promote. Safe streets, secure borders, fair trade, peace through strength and cooperation, accountability from NATO, fewer drug poisonings and overdoses, taking care of our own poor before others, women only in women’s sports, and accepting non normative sexually inclined people but NOT celebrating them or giving hormones and surgeries to youngsters. The list could go on and on but you get the point.