I pulled up my records because my electric bills are much higher. I wanted to make sure I got the numbers right. I am on the budget system in an all-electric home. The bill is relatively the same every month until the end when the account is balanced for the year. In January 2016 it was $244 per month under Obama. In December 2020 it was $193 per month. It has risen steadily since Biden took office and is now at $349 per month! $1,872 extra per year so far. My buddy Mac reminded me to switch my power generator company so we will see how that works out.

Last year my liberal neighbor was complaining to me about how much she was paying for home heating oil. I grinned and reminded her who she was talking to. It never ceases to amaze me how people can remain so loyal to a party whose policies hurt the middle class. All the raging against and about Trump is not influencing people who look at their bottom line. Give James Carville credit. It is the economy stupid! Energy is a big part of the economy.

The impact of Trump’s win on gas and energy prices brings some distinct advantages to consumers. Under Trump’s administration, energy policy has focused heavily on promoting domestic production of oil and natural gas, leading to increased supply in the market. This emphasis on boosting production has led to lower gas prices at the pump for consumers, providing relief for working-class families struggling with rising living costs.

Additionally, Trump’s deregulatory approach to the energy industry has encouraged investment in infrastructure and exploration, further driving down prices. Overall, Trump’s policies have worked in favor of consumers by ensuring a stable and affordable energy market, helping to alleviate financial strain on households across the country.

When the left complains to me about Trump I must remind myself that these people are likely either wealthy or living off of someone else’s hard earned money.

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