In recent years, the issue of border security has taken center stage in political discussions, with a particular focus on the United States. The Trump administration’s efforts to tighten border controls have sparked both support and opposition. In this article, we aim to shed light on the positive aspects of Trump’s approach to border security, emphasizing the potential benefits for national security, public safety, and immigration management.

  1. National Security:

One of the primary motivations behind Trump’s push for stricter border controls was the enhancement of national security. By fortifying the nation’s borders, the administration aimed to prevent the entry of individuals who could pose potential threats to the safety and well-being of American citizens. Tightening border controls becomes a crucial element in safeguarding the nation from external risks and maintaining the integrity of its security infrastructure.

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, CBP arrested 35,433 illegal aliens with criminal convictions nationwide, including 598 known gang members. In addition, 294 illegal aliens on the terrorist watchlist have been apprehended at the Southwest border between ports of entry since the beginning of FY 2021—and those are only the individuals Border Patrol agents have caught. Not only are dangerous individuals attempting to cross our border, but deadly drugs are too. Last fiscal year, CBP, including Air and Marine Operations, seized 27,293 pounds of poisonous fentanyl coming across the Southwest border—enough to kill around 6 billion people. Notably, federal officials estimate they are only able to seize 5-10 percent of all fentanyl smuggled across the Southwest border. ~ Homeland Security

  1. Curbing Illegal Immigration:

A key aspect of Trump’s border control strategy was the desire to address the issue of illegal immigration. By implementing stricter measures, the administration sought to discourage unlawful entry into the country, promoting legal and orderly immigration processes. This approach not only upholds the rule of law that Biden and Mayorkas refuse to do but also ensures that individuals who seek to contribute positively to American society go through the appropriate channels to enter the country.

  1. Protecting Jobs and the Economy:

The argument for tightening border controls also extends to economic considerations. Trump’s approach to regulating immigration more effectively, the administration aimed to protect job opportunities for American citizens and maintain a stable economy. The controlled flow of immigration helps to strike a balance between meeting labor demands and safeguarding employment opportunities for the domestic workforce.

  1. Streamlining Immigration Processes:

In addition to border enforcement, Trump’s administration worked to streamline immigration processes, making them more efficient and effective. By investing in technology and infrastructure, the goal was to expedite the legal immigration process, reducing backlogs and ensuring that those seeking to enter the country legally could do so in a timely manner. This focus on efficiency aligns with the broader objective of promoting a fair and accessible immigration system.

  1. Public Safety Considerations:

Tightening border controls also contributes to public safety by preventing the entry of individuals with criminal intent. By implementing rigorous screening processes and enhancing cooperation with law enforcement agencies, the administration aimed to create a safer environment for all Americans. Prioritizing public safety is a fundamental aspect of responsible governance and ensures that communities remain secure and protected.


While opinions on Trump’s border control policies may differ, it is essential to recognize the factual positive aspects of efforts to tighten security and manage immigration more effectively. By prioritizing national security, curbing illegal immigration, protecting jobs and the economy, streamlining immigration processes, and emphasizing public safety, the Trump administration sought to address critical issues facing the nation. Biden undid all this with a stroke of the pen and caused a self-imposed crisis unlike any other time in history.

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