• Never Trumpers lack viable alternatives.
  • Never Trumpers focus on complaints rather than solutions.
  • Never Trumpers belong on social media, not on this website.

The issue with Never Trumpers is that they lack viable solutions and I am starting to think most have low IQs. Instead of thoughtful comments, they tend to focus on incessant complaints about various matters. While some of their concerns may hold some truth, many of them are influenced by biased narratives from the mainstream media or mere hearsay. It’s worth mentioning that Never Trumpers comments and emails are swiftly evaluated and deleted. Usually, a quick glance is enough for me to determine if a comment is relevant and legitimate. Now, let me explain why I might delete or mark your comments as spam:

During my extensive 23-year tenure in the service, I had the privilege of experiencing both subordinate and superior roles, much like many others who dedicated themselves to this honorable profession. Reflecting on my time in the military, I recall a valuable lesson that was ingrained in me from the very beginning.

As a low-ranking E-1 or E-2, whenever I approached my superiors with a problem and no solution, their immediate response was always, “Don’t bring me a problem without a solution!” This mindset was deeply rooted in the understanding that acknowledging the existence of problems was not enough; we needed to actively seek resolutions. This principle held true even as I progressed to the E-3 level, where failure to adhere to it could hinder further promotions and result in negative Annual Performance Ratings. When I became a superior I demanded the same from my subordinates.

It is crucial to distinguish between those who embody this problem-solving mentality and those who do not. The latter group, often referred to as “Never Trumpers,” are individuals who fail to articulate viable solutions. Consequently, their comments and opinions should not be granted approval, as they do not contribute constructively to the discourse.

In a professional setting, it is imperative that we foster an environment where individuals are encouraged to not only identify problems but also propose effective solutions. This approach ensures that we maintain a forward-thinking mindset, constantly striving for improvement and progress. By embracing this ethos, we can elevate the quality of our discussions.

This is not a Social Media platform. If you want to badger people with inane thoughts I highly recommend you find a Facebook group or something of that nature. But hey, I can take 2 minutes per week to delete dozens of comments. Not a problem. Of course, repeat offenders are marked as spam so I never have to see them again.

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