We have all heard the saying timing is everything. Well, it might not be everything but it certainly has a greater impact than we sometimes recognize.

With a hurricane closing in on the East Coast you might want to pay more attention to other news. I am personally thinking about how the hurricane will drown out the more important news related to the impact of our elections.

If you didn’t catch it, Google was caught red-handed trying to influence our elections. This is the same Google working with the Chinese government to show only government approved results. So much for their old slogan “Don’t be Evil.” See PC Magazine article here.

I am not saying we should dump Google. I am saying we should understand they are a part of the Democratic Party and intend to influence our elections. If you get your news from Google search results or Facebook and other Social Media giants it is on you.

If you are a conservative or a Republican there is only one major news outlet and that is FOX News. There are conservative websites but only one major news outlet. Everyone else is working for the Democratic Party. It is a wonder Republicans win any elections. I believe the fact that some Republicans win speaks to the intelligence of a portion of the American people.

I wonder why we are making such a big deal about some advertisements and bogus websites set up by Russia. Propaganda and manipulation are everywhere we look. If you are paying attention you can see right through it all, left or right. Remaining skeptical is the first and most important step you can make to remain balanced.

A left-leaning friend called me during a Trump speech last year. She said she was going to finish watching it and call me later when she was done listening to the commentators. I said STOP! Pause your TV after the speech and absorb what you heard. Think it through and then go ahead and watch the commentators. 

When she called back I asked if she had noticed the negative things the commentators on CNN were throwing around. Amazingly, she said she had not thought of a single thing they said. It was a good speech until she listened to commentators.

Try this with your liberal and even conservative friends. It is time we start thinking for ourselves. 

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