Mac and Mike discuss the Trump Facebook ban and other issues surrounding the subject. If you would like to do a Zoom or any other type of video podcast with us please use the Contact page on this website. We look forward to engaging with those who agree and disagree with our points of view. All we ask is you keep it respectful.

The thing that sticks out to a regular person is how the alleged social media companies can ban Trump and not ban most major media outlets and many other individuals. If the reason for banning Trump is that he stirred up people to the point of violence, it only stands to reason news outlets and individuals that appeared on those news outlets should be shut down as well.

The outright lies told by news agencies and individuals in government are horrendous. Think of all the government officials and talking heads that pushed the Russia Hoax. I mean, we have over 6,000 pages of testimony that was declassified, and yet these people are still on their alleged social media platforms! If you want to talk about what was at the center of all the left-wing hate and violence and the right-wing reaction to it this would be the smoking gun.

We all know the most popular alleged social media companies are far left. This is a fact without dispute based on obvious one-sided bans and political donations. In reality, it is these alleged social media that should be banned.

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