James Shaw emailed in. He actually got the answer correct to “The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.” For goodness sake, everyone knows it is 42, don’t they? Sadly, all James did was copy and paste an article from Mediaite that was originally posted in The Atlantic.

Joe Biden checking his wrist watch with flag-drapedMediaite is often perceived as having a left-wing bias due to its consistent coverage of progressive issues and support for liberal viewpoints. This can be observed through their choice of stories, the framing of headlines, and their selection of contributors who tend to lean left ideologically. While Mediaite claims to strive for balance in its reporting, the emphasis on topics like social justice, climate change, and equality aligns closely with the principles of liberalism. Moreover, the website has been criticized by conservative figures for occasionally misrepresenting their views or applying a double standard in analyzing political events. Although Mediaite has made efforts to include differing perspectives through guest contributions from conservatives, overall it leans towards promoting left-of-center ideologies and values in its coverage. Just one piece of such evidence is they never covered Joe Biden checking his watch while coffins were unloaded from his Afghanistan mess.

Veterans who support President Trump recently engaged in a thoughtful discussion regarding the roles of Miley, Kelly, and Trump within the chain of command, as well as the crucial responsibilities of advisors. Furthermore, we delved into the importance of avoiding hasty judgments without considering alternative perspectives and the dangers of making assumptions.

ISIS Caliphate destroyedIt is worth recalling that the esteemed leaders at the Pentagon had informed President Trump that dismantling the ISIS Caliphate would require several years. However, the courageous individuals stationed on the front lines confidently asserted that altering the rules of engagement could expedite this process to a mere few months. President Trump, displaying astute discernment, heeded the advice of these brave soldiers, resulting in the complete eradication of the Caliphate within the anticipated timeframe. This remarkable achievement serves as a reminder to approach statements made by the Pentagon with a healthy dose of skepticism.


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