Every time there is a big news story, shooting, bombing, hurricane etc I turn off the news for a few days to a week. I might check in for 5 minutes later in a typical show because you know the first story up is going to be all about the “big news story.”

Right now we know absolutely nothing about the what, who, and why of the headline story. It could be a right wing nut job or a left wing nut job. It could even be a foreign government actor. Who knows? Not me and not the reporters.

One of the things that bother most of us is it is happening a couple weeks before one of the most important elections in the past 100 years. The thing to remember is this too shall pass. We should not change our minds about the election because that may be the primary motivation for the timing.

If you want to keep America moving forward then vote Republican. No, Republicans are not perfect but they are a better bet than any Democrat out there. If you want to go backwards then vote Democrat. It is just that simple.

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