My youngest daughter, who is 33 and has four children, often calls me just to chat. She (yes she, not they et cetera) made an insightful point – she said that you can tell what someone truly values by looking at how they spend their time and money. It sounds pretty straightforward, right? It is along the same lines as the saying “Actions speak louder than words”. But it struck a chord with me. This approach helps us cut through all the nonsense and see what truly matters to us.

What did President Trump spend his time and our hard-earned money on? Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, he steadfastly demonstrated a commitment to putting America and Americans first, consistently prioritizing their interests over the desires of donors. With a fervent belief that his administration should work solely for the benefit of the American people, Trump actively worked to dismantle policies that seemed to favor wealthy special interest groups.

By renegotiating trade deals such as NAFTA and imposing tariffs on imports, he sought to protect American industries and jobs from outsourcing or unfair trade practices. Moreover, his tax cuts were primarily focused on providing relief for middle-class families rather than further enriching corporations or high-net-worth individuals. This unwavering dedication to elevating American citizens’ well-being over donor influence not only represented a significant departure from typical political norms but also garnered much support among those who felt neglected by previous administrations. It is little wonder that some of the staunchest Democrat allies are moving to Trump. Hispanics, Blacks, and voters 18 to 34 are waking up.

One of the central principles underlying President Trump’s approach to governance was a prioritization of America and American tax money over foreign affairs. This principle stemmed from his belief that the primary responsibility of a nation’s leader is to serve the interests of its citizens first. Throughout his tenure, he consistently emphasized domestic issues such as job creation, economic growth, and national security, focusing on policies that directly impacted Americans’ daily lives.

Trump prioritized infrastructure development by proposing a $1.5 trillion plan that aimed to modernize and rebuild America’s crumbling roads, bridges, and airports. However, Trump’s infrastructure spending plan stalled due to Democrats’ hatred. Beyond economic policy, Trump also made substantial investments in national defense spending to ensure the safety and security of American citizens. Although contentious at times, these efforts indicate an overarching goal of making America better through strategic use of taxpayer money to stimulate economic growth, improve infrastructure, and bolster national security.

In contrast, the current administration prioritizes spending their time and our money on foreign wars (rather than peace through deterrence) but not the invasion on our southern border, mandating electric vehicles which we knew was going to be a bust, and raising the prices of everything. They spend their time appeasing aggrieved constituents they create with a victim mentality who have little to nothing in common with the average American. The list could go on and on.

What are your thoughts on the time and financial resources that these two administrations prioritize?

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