• Help veterans and non-profits by getting Medicare Advantage from GI Joe Medicare.
  • Most plans do not cost the consumer as it is paid for by the government.
  • Understanding if it is right for you can be confusing so let one of our fellow veterans that I know and trust clarify for you.

One of our faithful Vets for Trump, Joe Episcopo, has a unique plan for those of us interested in Medicare Advantage plans. He will give any non-profit organization up to 50% of any commission. Let’s say you have a church or other non-veteran non-profit. If you sign someone up Joe will give 25% to the non-veteran non-profit and 25% to a veteran non-profit of their choosing. If it is a complete veteran non-profit like a VFW or American Legion he will give the entire 50% to that organization. This includes future recurring commissions!

If you are getting Social Security you are constantly being bombarded by mail, phone and email about Medicare Advantage plans. It can get really confusing. First, it is not right for everyone but they don’t use the word “advantage” for no reason. There can be terrific advantages.

The most important thing to know is in many cases, if not most, the plans do not cost the consumer. You heard that right. However, there can be low-cost add-ons that expand your benefits. Everyone has their own unique situation. Why not talk to someone you can trust?

GI Joe Medicare Advantage & Supplemental Plans


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