Every now and then I still get a hate-filled email through this website asking me how veterans can support President Trump? They don’t really want an answer they just want to vent. The standard line is how can you support President Trump when he was a draft Dodger and spoke ill of John McCain?

I answered the McCain thing many times. McCain viciously attacked candidate Trump and his supporters. A man can be a war hero and an a****** at the same time. His status as a war hero doesn’t give him any right or special privilege or protection from a counter punch. Trump may have been wrong to throw a jab at his POW status but I can’t blame him for losing his temper. We see what a disgrace McCain became. So much for war hero status.

As for the accusation of draft dodging that’s all it is, an accusation. My brother burned his draft card. I was just a bit too young to get drafted for Vietnam. To this day I think the draft was a bad idea. I was a volunteer and I would have hated to serve next to somebody who did not want to be there. Those guys can get you killed. I’m not saying that they are cowards. I firmly believe not everyone is cut out for the military. To me it is obvious.

However let’s Grant the argument and see where it takes us. If Trump was faking bone spurs let’s compare him to Hillary. Would you rather have a president Trump who may or may not have found a way out of being drafted or someone who would get ambassadors and other people killed and then lie about it for her own political future? I know my answer to that question.

I have a feeling that those who write to me with these objections are Democrats who never would have voted for Trump even if he had served.


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