Vets for Trump, a coalition of over 400,000 Veterans & family member’s who supported President Donald Trump’s candidacy in 2016, Monday identified Afghanistan Veteran Thomas Speciale of Woodbridge, Virginia as a new National Spokesman.

The National grassroots Vets for Trump Director Vlad Lemets said, “Tom is a ferocious champion for our President. He led an inspirational campaign for the US Senate seat to take on Mark Warner in Virginia and continues to fight on the ground as a grassroots warrior. He has championed our President as well as Gen. Michael Flynn from the beginning.”

In 1987, during his junior year in high school, Tom signed up for the U.S. Army reserves. This was the beginning of his 28-year military career. He has served almost 18 years on Active Duty and 10 so far in the Army Reserves.

He still serves today in the Army Reserves as a Chief Warrant Officer 3. With a personal goal to have to be kicked out from old age as a crotchety CW5. “I’m not going to go down without a fight. I earned my retirement a long time ago. I am doing it now for my Soldiers.”

Tom was born at Peoria, Illinois, moving to Virginia in 2001. He was only a few blocks from the Pentagon on 9/11 and the following day traveled to New York just to lay his own eyes on the destruction. He re-enlisted on Active Duty as an Infantryman the next January. Over the years he has served on Active Duty in Korea, California, Alaska, North Carolina, DC, and Afghanistan.

Tom has deep roots in service to our nation and is joined by two of his sons who are serving today in the Navy and in the US Army. Tom has also worked as a government contractor supporting our warfighters in the intelligence community in Virginia. For the last 10 years he has worked at the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Counter-Terrorism Center, the Defense Combating Terrorism Center, and the Director of National Intelligence.

When Tom was asked if he would be willing to serve as a National Spokesman for Vets for Trump, we knew he was the man for the job. Tom made clear how he felt, “Our President, his family, friends and others who stood up with him, to fight for the future of our country, have been assaulted in every imaginable way by forces bent on bringing him down. They have lied, cheated, fabricated, conspired, and plotted from before he was even elected to prevent him from doing what he knew needed to be done. But, they didn’t stop there. His political enemies, intimidated and threatened his family, friends, and allies with criminal charges to try and overthrow his administration. I would go to the gates of hell for our President and I know that there are a lot of veterans who feel the same way. I would be honored to serve as your spokesman.”

Tom is a simple man. He says plainly, “I smoke cigars, drink beer, drive a Jeep, ride a Harley, shoot guns, train Soldiers and Cub Scouts and I am unafraid of speaking truth to power especially when it comes to protecting our country.”

He is married to the love of his life, Amy Dawn. They live in Woodbridge, Virginia with their son, Nickolas (age 8).

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