If you are a veteran you know one of the worst things someone could call you was a racist. We worked as one team regardless of race, religion et cetera. The military is seriously the most diverse place I ever worked. You can see a breakdown by race and sex at this web link.

We all remember the Democrats decrying Trump as a racist. It started before the “very fine people hoax.” Sadly, some poorly educated people still believe that hoax. Well, it started with Trump’s criticism of illegal immigrants crossing the border and hurting our poor including blacks and Hispanics.

Now that the numbers for this fiscal year are in under the Biden administration (the worst 2-year period in history) nobody is apologizing to Trump. Even though the people talking the most about illegal border crossings are Hispanic we hear crickets from those who accused Trump of racism. How is it possible that Hispanics and even Democrat border Mayors are upset? Are they racist?

So, let me get this straight and clarify the record. You cannot speak the truth or they call you racist. Who are these people? They are those using the playbook of Communists. Here is the proof from the 1940s. See the 1-minute video below. (And people ask me how I can support Trump over this!)

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