I’m happy to announce that we have united the Vets for Trump website and the largest Facebook Pages. Thanks to Vlad Lemets and Joshua Macias for “herding the cats”.

I was down in Florida last month for about 3 weeks. I received a call from Vlad Lemets. Vlad who lives in Florida was surprised I was nearby. (A God thing) He and some of his team drove 3 hours north to meet with me and a few other veterans. After the initial meeting, we drove south to meet up with some others. See pictures.

The great thing is we all see the need to move forward with helping veterans after Trump’s re-election. We know this movement needs to continue on after the Trump Presidency ends in 2028.

We will continue to support President Trump and down-ballot candidates that support the America First agenda. Vlad pointed to the various Vets for Trump Facebook pages he runs with over 400,000 followers. This website is now part of the entire Vets for Trump system. Our logo has changed to match the unified group.

Look for more information coming soon!

Joe Episcopo

Joshua Jose Julio

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