Obviously, I’m on Twitter following the President.  It is hard to describe the thoughts I have after reading comments from the Trump haters. It seems like these people have nothing better to do all day than to complain about things unrelated to the President’s Tweets.

Lack of ideas is the main reason the Democrats will lose in 2020 and maybe in 2018. They have Zero ideas on how to improve on what President Trump is doing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about all Democrats. I have friends that call themselves Democrats. There is a particular breed of them that are so apoplectic that they cannot see when things are going well. I keep thinking if this were a President with the name Obama or Clinton they would be all for the policies in many cases.

Today’s example is related to trade with Canada. The war between Trump haters and lovers continues with volleys of opposing statements.

Let’s make this clear. The U.S. has a goods trade deficit with Canada but has a Services trade surplus. President Trump is referring to goods (specifically in agriculture), not services. See details here from a clearly written U.S. government website. When did they hire someone who could make things clear? I don’t know but it is refreshing.

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