I think of myself as a philosopher. That means I observe and ask questions about everything. Some people tell me I am a skeptic. That may be true but I consider myself a “healthy” skeptic. I’m not sullen at all. Quite the opposite. If we do not observe and then ask questions we never learn.

Here is what I have observed about the far left and the Democratic Party in general.

  • De Niro is a big critic of President Trump. De Niro says “Trump has debased the Presidency” and many other nasty things. De Niro then goes on live T.V. and says “It is no longer down with Trump, it is F Trump.” He repeats it and gets a standing ovation. Is it only me that sees the contradiction?
  • Al Gore and other rich leftists say they are deeply concerned about climate change. They say you need to ride a bike to work, eat less meat and reduce your overall carbon footprint. All the while they live in lavish homes, eat whatever they like and run around to climate change conferences in their private jets. Is it only me that sees the contradiction?
  •  The left screams about gun violence and wants to remove the 2nd Amendment. They go to big public rally’s and are protected by armed security. At the same time, they disapprove of having armed security in our schools and other soft target areas. Is it only me that sees the contradiction?
  • The left screams about Tax Reform because it benefits nearly everyone. They complain that too much goes to the wealthy but what they refuse to address is the wealthy pay most of the taxes. Is it only me that sees the contradiction?
  • The left screams about the lack of Healthcare but takes away the Healthcare choices of most in order to fix a smaller segment of the populations’ problem. They did this without a single vote from the opposing party when they had the power. Then they complain when the opposing party comes to power and scuttles the program by letting it die on the vine. Is it only me that sees the contradiction?

Maybe you have a favorite example you would like to share. Feel free to do so in our comments section or on our Facebook or Twitter pages


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