We want to hear your opinion right here on the Vets for Trump aka Veterans for Trump website and blog. We still distribute to social media but we don’t trust them. You can comment here and have your voice heard without censorship as long as it is clean and doesn’t violate any laws. Let us know if you would like to join us for a video podcast that can be posted here on our website.

Mac and Mike, two Vets for Trump, discuss the issues surrounding life and culture in the USA. However, this one was produced specifically for Vets for Trump. We kept it short (10 minutes) as one of our readers suggested. We get it. Few people have time for a 30 minute or longer rant.

Our question is, did you vote for the America First agenda or President Trump’s personality? Would you vote for someone like Governor Ron DeSantis if Trump decides not to run in 2024? PS don’t let the left and Joe Biden’s crew make the Straw Man argument that America First means the same as America Only! It is only logical to place priorities on our national interests. Do you take care of other people’s children when your own children need you? I bet not.

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