NPR launches Disinformation Reporting team. Most of us find this hilarious. Almost as funny as the government disinformation idea. By the way, in the olden days’ kids, this is what the news was supposed to be, just the facts. Now they have to form a special team! News should be doing this all along, It used to be their primary purpose for existing. It’s like hotels that started to brag about how they cleaned their bedding during COVID. Do you mean they weren’t doing that all along? Nope!

Jill Biden offends & apologizes to some tacos, eh, she means Mexicans. Leaving us to wonder if she is becoming as gaffe pron as Joe.

Jill Biden defends Joe:

President Joe Biden “had so many hopes and plans for things he wanted to do, but every time you turned around, he had to address the problems of the moment,” First Lady Jill Biden told a small crowd of donors at a Nantucket gathering Saturday. 

Ahhh, yeah, that is the problem every president has faced. Of course, the staff spends most of their time trying to orient the man as he does seem lost much of the time. Maybe we need two presidents. One like Trump who is a meany and gets things done and the other out front to placate the histrionic liberals.

GoFundMe continues its hypocrisy. While taking down the GoFundMe page for a store owner who killed a thug in self-defense they let the page up for a thug who tried to kill a woman and her children. GoFundMe is obviously an anti-law and order organization with woke principles that hurt America & Canada. Some previous examples are Freedom Convoy, Kyle Rittenhouse, Conservative students harassed on TikTok, Anti-vaccine mandate lawsuit, & Anti-mask campaign. Maybe GoFundMe should be changed to GoFu*kYourself.

Inflation hits a 41-year high. Joe Biden gives a speech on the climate emergency. However, Americans place inflation, economy, crime, baby formula shortage, the border crisis, and Ukraine, above climate change. Oh, and yes, baby formula is in shorter supply than it was just a month ago.

Democrat Mayors complain about illegal immigrants overwhelming their cities. Yep, things do not matter until they become personal. Isn’t this a little like a crack addict complaining about losing their teeth? What did you expect?

Joe Biden snivels before people he once called names. Even Democrats can’t believe his hypocrisy. Nope, Saudi Arabia will not increase output. Biden had pledged to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah state” and then shut down the Keystone Pipeline and pledged to end fossil fuels. I’m looking forward to the end of a fossil but it is not fuel?

To end on a positive note, public outcry gets an innocent store owner in New York City cleared of charges. Also, a young man with a gun takes out a mass killer in Indiana. Neither of these heroes had to wait for orders from a chain of command to act.

Yes, I’m sure I missed a dozen things.

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