I have no “proof” for any of what I’m about to share, but I believe this to be true.
I truly believe that the Democratic Party rigged the democratic primary election to make sure that “centrist”, “moderate” Joe Biden would be the Democratic Candidate for President in the general election. The rest of the Democrats were left leaning “socialists” who would NOT appeal to the vast majority of American voters.
I also truly believe that the Democrats “rigged” this election by corruption and fraud in the six dominant county jurisdictions in six “swing” states that effectively controlled the balance of power in the electoral college.
I believe the Democrats realized when they exercised the “Transition Integrity Project” (TIP – google it) two years ago, that there was no way to legitimately win the election for President in 2020, and thus this election “rigging” plan was developed and implemented. There are simply too many anomalies in the entire election process to arrive at any other logical conclusion.
When Hillary Clinton famously stated so emphatically her advice to Joe Biden “Under NO circumstances should he concede”!! She offered that if Joe Biden does NOT “concede”, eventually he would be declared President!
Why would she state that? Why such a declarative assertion?
When multiple states decided to stop counting votes during the night on Election Day, which had NEVER happened before, WHY? After the declaration that vote counting would stop, yet video evidence proves that in Atlanta, four individuals retrieved votes hidden under a table, and then continued to count votes until after 1:30 am WITHOUT the appropriate election “observers”, WHY? In other jurisdictions we lack video evidence of the same shenanigans, yet the numbers dramatically changed OVERNIGHT with little or no “verification”.
In Michigan, they recently concluded a forensic audit in one counties voting machines. These machines not only had a SIXTY-EIGHT percent error rate, suspiciously the event record for this years election was deleted, even though the prior years event records were all present.
In Pennsylvania, the Courts changed the law passed by the Legislature to eliminate signature verification, allow three extra days of voting, and to eliminate the requirement of a “postmark” to prove the timeliness of any individual vote. This is simply illegal. Legislatures create law, Courts determine if any law is Constitutional, NOT add or subtract to or from the law!
In other states, they violated many and various parts of state voting law, yet there seems to be little interest in allowing these accusations to even be heard, let alone adjudicated!
If this accusation of vote fraud (count fraud) is valid, what can anyone do? What can any individual, or for that matter, what can 75 million individuals do?
If this stolen election stands what happens? Does the Republic survive?
Remember this has happened before. Kennedy beat Nixon because Cook County Illinois (Chicago) utilized massive voter fraud to flip Illinois, and thus the Electoral College to the Democratic Candidate John Kennedy. We survived then. Is it different now? It certainly “feels” different.
My Brothers/Sisters in Arms, we all took an Oath “to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic”. Where lies our “duty” in light of these many and various fraud issues? Must we stand by and accept these election results without comment? What could we do? What should we do (if anything)?
Does history repeat itself? Has anyone ever heard of “ The battle of Athens” (referred to also as: “The McMinn County War”). This was an actual event, where World War II veterans, along with other citizens of the county, all patriots secured the ballots cast in that election in order to have an honest and true count of the votes cast. Was there an honest and true count of the votes in our last election? Yes or No? If the answer is no, like our brothers before us, do WE have an obligation to insure a true and honest count of the votes?
Where lies our Duty? What is our responsibility, to that Oath of fidelity we took?
Sadly, I have no answer, only questions. May God (continue to) Bless the United States of America. I’m afraid there is little reason to hope without Divine intervention!

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