As previously stated, I have received numerous comments and emails from individuals who identify as leftists and Never Trumpers. It is quite evident that they share similar talking points and frequently reference the same articles. While I won’t delve into addressing every fallacy presented, I must acknowledge that there is some truth to their claims. It is undeniable that Donald Trump, like any human being, possesses flaws. In fact, I have yet to encounter a flawless individual in my personal experience. The ongoing debate regarding whether Trump’s flaws outweigh those of Biden, Newsom, and other political figures is one that seems destined to persist among American voters.

Sometimes the best way to approach those who oppose you is to grant the argument even if it is not true. Then we see where it takes us. Let’s say Trump is worse than Hitler, a Satanic womanizer like Bill Clinton, or whatever the most ominous comparison you can come up with is. Considering he has so much support in America what does that say about the other side? One would expect that if Trump were truly as despicable as his detractors claim, his opposition would be a shining beacon of hope, a paragon of virtue. Yet, here we are, with Biden and his ilk struggling to make a dent in Trump’s popularity.

It’s a sad state of affairs for Democrats, really. One can’t help but wonder what qualities or lack thereof have led to such a lackluster performance from Biden and his associates. The outcome of their ideology is apparent to all who are willing to see it. Perhaps it’s time for them to take a long, hard look in the mirror and reassess their approach. After all, if they can’t even surpass a supposed incarnation of evil, what hope do they have of leading the nation?

  • The term Bidenomics became a laughing stock. Anyone buying gasoline, food, a car, a home, or anything knows better. You just cannot spin reality when it affects the majority of people.
  • Railing against the term MAGA is another failure. Who doesn’t want to make America great again? Obviously, those who agree with the Biden administration by continuing our decline.
  • Hiring people based on their race or sexual proclivities is an embarrassing failure. Kamala Harris, Sam Brinton, Ketanji Brown Jackson & Rachel Levine just to name a few failures. Whatever happened to hiring qualified people regardless of race or sexual proclivity?
  • Saying “the border is secure” also became a joke as liberal sanctuary cities had to start dealing with the reality of massive illegal immigration. Granted, it took a while for reality to hit as the mainstream media helped with the lie until they lost too much credibility. Even CNN and MSNBC had to eventually admit the truth.
  • The failed withdrawal from Afghanistan shocked the nation. The loss of both American and friendly Afghan lives was and is horrendous. Let alone billions of dollars of taxpayer money left behind in the form of military equipment and infrastructure. Add to that the two-decade cost of $83 billion left only to collapse.
  • World War III is more likely under the Biden administration than it ever was under the Trump administration. Oh, and don’t forget the Abraham Accords brought to you by the Trump Administration. At least the Biden administration did not completely reverse that. I give credit where credit is due. However, today Israel is under attack from Gaza. We will see how that turns out.
  • Claiming the Biden administration created 14 million jobs was laughable. Everyone knew most of that was simply a recovery from COVID.
  • On the state and local level, the Dems have lost it as well. Everything from our kids failing education to withholding information from parents, and critical race theory to degrading our police and bail reform is a complete and utter failure. None of these things were brought to us by MAGA Republicans.

I still think, if it hadn’t been for COVID Trump would have won in a landslide in 2020. Nobody can prove to everyone how things would have turned out without all these mail-in ballots and state rule changes that benefited Democrats. It is speculation, I grant you that. No need to put in an argument one way or another about that subject. You can argue about these COVID elections for the next 100 years. However, you must admit Trump only really had a 2 years Presidency as COVID fears gripped the nation and the world.

Again I say, there is no need to list all of your perceived flaws about Donald Trump. Social Media and Mainstream Media do that all day long. I want to further the conversation. If not Trump then who? Can that person beat Trump in the primary? How do their policies differ from his?

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