A lot of outlets have criticized President Trump for his remarks about Hydroxychloroquine. Here are a couple of anti-Trump rag examples:

Trump Urges Coronavirus Patients to Take Unproven Drug ~ NY Times

Trump’s Embrace of Unproven Drugs to Treat Coronavirus Defies Science ~ NY Times

Trump keeps touting an unproven coronavirus treatment. ~ Washington Post

Trump is giving people false hope of coronavirus cures. ~ Washington Post

Note: I cannot link to Washington Post because they require a subscription. Some NY Times articles are currently open. I wouldn’t pay these rags 1 penny.  You can see the headline titles searching Google to verify for WAPO.

What does anecdotal mean in the context of the scientific method? Below is an excerpt from a Wikipedia article on the subject:

Anecdotal evidence can have varying degrees of formality. For instance, in medicine, published anecdotal evidence by a trained observer (a doctor) is called a case report, and is subjected to formal peer review.[7] Although such evidence is not seen as conclusive, researchers may sometimes regard it as an invitation to more rigorous scientific study of the phenomenon in question.[8] For instance, one study found that 35 of 47 anecdotal reports of drug side-effects were later sustained as “clearly correct.”[9]

The main point from the quote above is “35 of 47 anecdotal reports of drug side-effects were later sustained as “clearly correct.” 35 of 47 is 74%.

Below is another quote from the same Wikipedia article:

With rare and uncommonly occurring diseases, a nonsignificant finding in a randomized trial does not necessarily mean that there is no causal association between the agent in question and the disease.”[16]

It is true that there is no double-blind peer revied study showing Hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pack working. However, if you were faced with death or trying something would you try? It simply seems unconscionable for the Federal Government to stand in the way of trying things. That is why Trump asked the FDA to allow doctors and their patients to make this decision, not the government. We do not have months and years to do rigorous testing. We may find other therapies work better but for now, this one is cheap and readily available. Instead of rooting against the drug combo because they hate Trump why don’t they hope it works?

Many on the left would rather prefer to see you die than to see Trump be right about anything. Sad and disgusting.

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